May 31, 2019

Inc.’s Advice to High Performers

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Inc.’s Advice to High Performers

A recent Inc. article provides practical advice for high achievers who feel like they’ve tapped the growth opportunity at their current company or feel they’ve earned more recognition than they’re getting. So, what should go-getters do when it doesn’t look like there’s anything waiting for them on the horizon? While they may feel stuck, Inc. contributor Jeff Barrett recommends several steps they can take to get out from under the ceiling.

1. Look for opportunities to stretch yourself.

Barrett recommends looking for ways to expand your skill-set with stretch projects and highlights Credera as an example of an organization with ample opportunities to do so:

“Credera, an IT and management consulting firm, is transparently strategizing the growth of its team after acquisition. ‘While we are currently hiring aggressively, we’d also love to promote from within, especially for project leader and director roles,” Alex Moore, the firm’s director of talent acquisition, said. “This will require our current team members stepping up and taking on stretch assignments. The projects our consulting teams will be working on will offer opportunities to further challenge our employees to solve problems in new industries and with new technologies, which will give them more chances to expand their skill sets and expertise.’”

2. Express your value.

As uncomfortable as the conversation might be, Inc.’s article reminds those looking to take the next step in their careers that “the only way to get what to want it to ask for it.”

“Outline the ways you’ve contributed to the company: productivity, innovation, morale, the bottom line,” says Barrett. “Pull metrics to showcase your value, and then request a sit-down with your manager to talk about your next step — and what you need to do to get there.”

3. Consider looking elsewhere.

For some, it may be time to determine whether the grass is really greener, advises Barrett. Investigating other opportunities or considering creating something of your own are two ways high-achievers might find additional growth opportunities. Still, it’s important to weigh these options carefully. Will they really provide what you are looking for?

“Great work should result in a great payoff, but it sometimes takes a little more work to make that happen,” writes Barrett. “Stretch beyond your current responsibilities, have the hard conversation and see what the market has to offer someone with your skill set. You may just find that the ceiling was waiting for you to push back.”

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