Mar 02, 2012

Freeman – Great Things Happen When People Get Together [Video]

Credera Team

Credera Team

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Freeman is the premier provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing events, including expositions, conventions, corporate events and exhibits.  Freeman is a privately held company owned by the Freeman family and employees.  Carrie Freeman Parsons, Vice Chair, Freeman, is intimately involved in creating a culture where employees feel valued and feel they are contributing to something more than just their daily tasks.  “Our employees are truly owners of the business, so they take their work very personally,” said Parsons.

“[The culture at Freeman] is so contagious,” said Andrew Warden, Management Consulting Principal, Credera.  “[Employees who] hang drape, and take drape from show-site to warehouse to another show-site, are constantly looking at ways to do that more efficiently.  The fact that employees care about drape and moving it around – that is where all the magic is [for Freeman,]” said Warden.

The trade show industry is very unique.  “Great things happen when people get together face-to-face.  Whether it is relationships being built, trust being built, people learning about new products or services, people being inspired…nothing can replace that face-to-face interaction,” said Parsons.

Relationships are very important to Freeman and Credera.  “Credera was interested in establishing a relationship with us.  It wasn’t a relationship because they wanted to be the consultants that would never leave.  It was really because they cared about our business,” said Parsons.

Freeman engaged Credera to enhance their customers’ experience through the use of technology.  “Credera started challenging us to consider the types of customers we have and the types of relationships we have with customers…It prompted us to think about other projects differently…They helped me think differently, they helped me consider things that I typically wouldn’t have considered, and they helped me believe that I could actually get there,” said Parsons.

Freeman and Credera have partnered together on many initiatives.  In the “Great Work with Great Clients – Freeman” video, Andrew Warden references an industry award given to Freeman for one such initiative, Concierge Elite.  Concierge Elite is a Windows phone application and companion web-based dashboard that enables exhibitors to register and track requests quickly and effectively while giving show organizers a clearer, more detailed, real-time view of show operations than was previously possible.  Freeman has reported an increase in customer satisfaction, and the company is better able to attract and retain customers even in tough times.  Freeman was awarded the Trade Show Executive Innovation Award for Concierge Elite.

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