Mar 29, 2019

Forbes Consults Credera’s Matt Levy on Tips for Hiring the Best

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Forbes Consults Credera’s Matt Levy on Tips for Hiring the Best

Many companies are under pressure to scale as quickly as possible. Yet growing too quickly has the potential to leave organizations at risk of future disaster.  A recent Forbes article points out that in order to maintain healthy growth, companies must prioritize building a solid foundation. “And the main ingredient in a solid foundation is an excellent team,” says Forbes contributor William Arruda.

After interviewing Credera’s Matt Levy and other experts in organizational health, Forbes shares three important tips for growth-oriented hiring:

1. Foster an atmosphere of safety and respect.

“Humility is an important part of our culture. We want people who are confident in themselves and their skills, but understand how to show genuine respect to others,” said Matt Levy, Managing Director at Credera. “Our growth depends on high-functioning teams of people who not only get along, but who also push one another to be better. This happens best when we are willing to put the other person’s needs ahead of our own.”

2. Hire for attitude – but don’t neglect skills.

“In the hiring flurry that accompanies rapid growth, it can be tempting to hire loyal friends or dynamic members of your networking group. But just because someone has a great disposition does not mean that person can learn to handle any possible task the company needs done.”

3. Consciously battle your personal biases.

“While many industries attract people from similar backgrounds, bias—subconscious or not—often prevents managers from hiring the best candidates. For growth-oriented companies, the only way to expand is to do something new, but it’s hard to do new things with the same type of people.”

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