Mar 02, 2011

Focus on Business Process Readiness When Considering An Enterprise-Wide CRM

Matt Allen

Matt Allen

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In the first installment in this series, Is Your Organization Ready for an Enterprise-Wide CRM?, it is noted that a customer-centric culture and organization is necessary before an enterprise-wide CRM project should be undertaken.

This installment will focus on business process readiness. An organization lives out its culture through the business processes it follows. Since the customer is the focus of the organization, the customer is also the focus of the business processes. Customers determine how a sales representative takes an order and how the warehouse fulfills it. Payment options and methods are available based on customer desires. Marketing, communications, finance, etc., should all build their processes around customer preferences. To ensure readiness for CRM, an organization must design its business processes around the customer.

Are You Willing to Define Your Own Best Practices?

Before analyzing any processes, an organization must first realize that there is no such thing as a Best Practice when it comes to business processes. Buzzwords like “World Class” and “Best of Breed” float around, but in reality, they are just that, buzzwords. One size does not fit all. Each organization must figure out what processes work best within its culture. It is more important for the organization to shift its mindset, and thereby its culture, to become more customer-centric. As the mindset and the culture change, so will the processes. The business processes cannot be evaluated properly until the organizational mindset is centered on the customer.

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