Apr 02, 2020

EmployBridge’s Digital Staffing Response to COVID-19

Rick Gipson
Rachel Constien

Rick Gipson and Rachel Constien

EmployBridge’s Digital Staffing Response to COVID-19

EmployBridge is the largest industrial staffing company in the U.S. They have over 400 branches, place over 400,000 associates annually, and have helped over 12,000 companies with their hiring needs. They also are the backbone to several of the nation’s leading workforce experts: ResourceMFG, ProLogistix, Select, ProDrivers, RemX, Remedy and Westaff.

EmployBridge first engaged Credera in 2008 and we have partnered together on over 200 projects on their continuing journey to digital transformation.

The Impacts of COVID-19

EmployBridge has had an online applicant portal where individuals looking for a job could log on, create an application, set up interviews, and fill out onboarding paperwork for many years. Any interview that an applicant set was completed in person at one of EmployBridge’s Branch locations. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, EmployBridge knew they needed to make adjustments to this interviewing model. For both the safety of their employees and applicants and to maintain business continuity, time was of the essence.

Our Partnership

EmployBridge first informed Credera on Wednesday, March 18th of their need to enable applicants to record video responses to interview questions, replacing their in-person interviews. With this integration, applicants could now record themselves and answer pre-defined questions, removing the need for anyone to come into the branch office.

Credera spent six days building, implementing, and integrating this feature. The development was complete by Friday and EmployBridge’s Quality Assurance team took over to test the developments over the weekend. On Tuesday, March 24th, EmployBridge deployed this feature and took it live in 413 branches across the nation, allowing 5,000 applicants a day (on average) to continue their job search journey and EmployBridge employees to work remotely from the safety of their homes.

In addition to the new interview features, Credera also built out integrations to remove other actions that were previously required to be handled in person. Namely, State Income Tax forms were moved online and they validated new features from an integration partner that allowed applicants who were filling out I-9s to use people in their home to verify information instead of going into a branch office to fill out the form.

These integrations are incredibly valuable for multiple reasons. First, they are helping further EmployBridge’s initiative to protect the safety of their employees and applicants during the COVID-19 crisis. Second, they are enabling EmployBridge employees to continue working from home and prevent furloughs or layoffs. And lastly, they are allowing individuals who are looking for work to continue their process to find employment. It was a win for everyone.

Looking Forward

The world is moving into an even more digital model. No matter the environmental circumstances, having the ability to use online interviews will help Employbridge scale, while using their resources efficiently. Credera is proud to have been a part of helping EmployBridge effectively perform under extraordinary circumstances.

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