Apr 13, 2020

EmployBridge Process Optimization Yields Sustainable Results

Andi Schuster

Andi Schuster

EmployBridge Process Optimization Yields Sustainable Results

Credera is committed to helping our clients improve their efficiency and find new and innovative solutions. We strive to understand the intricacies of our clients’ businesses so that together we can address pain points by developing sustainable solutions within organizations. One example of this commitment is demonstrated through our work with EmployBridge to achieve a solution that meets the demands of their onboarding process and capitalizes on efficiency gains and, very importantly, reduces physical waste. Through this project, EmployBridge saves $2 million monthly and 360,000 pounds of carbon per year.


EmployBridge is the largest supplier of specialty staffing in the U.S. and onboards a staggering 15,000 associates every week. With their high volume of associates, EmployBridge had to print dozens of onboarding documents and spend valuable staff hours to sign them. On average, staff would spend an hour and a half with applicants to complete the tedious paperwork.

The onboarding process was often a chokepoint for associates, and in the fast-paced and highly competitive world of temporary staffing, delays could result in the associate moving to a competitor. Streamlining the onboarding process presented a big opportunity for cost savings and improvement to the associate experience. To meet this challenge, EmployBridge and Credera set out to create a fully digital and mobile-friendly user experience throughout all steps of the associate journey.


Credera began with an analysis of digital signature platforms that could operate at the scale of EmployBridge’s onboarding needs, which quickly narrowed the list to two providers. In the end, EmployBridge decided to work with Adobe Sign, the digital signature solution in Adobe Document Cloud.

Credera integrated Adobe Sign APIs into the associate portal that we developed and defined over 150 document templates in Adobe Sign to meet our client’s needs. EmployBridge’s national presence required the ability to dynamically assemble the onboarding packets based upon the associates’ location (e.g., federal, state, and local laws), brand (EmployBridge operates as 15 branded verticals), assigned branch, language preference, and even client specific documents.


With their mobile-friendly, digital onboarding experience, EmployBridge was able to eliminate paper onboarding. In 2019 alone, 64 million sheets of paper were saved. This is enough to cover a football field two and a half inches deep in paper! This change improved sustainability, reduced costs, and continues to save over 5 million sheets of paper monthly.

Additionally, the new onboarding process freed branch staff from sitting with applicants to review documents, which saved a staggering 22,000 staff hours weekly. Combined cost savings from paper, ink, document storage, and staff hours total over $2 million monthly.

EmployBridge also gained the ability to have centralized management and storage of digital onboarding documents. This enabled the business to have better governance and human resources compliance and clear versioning and storage of associate documents. In 2019, this process supported 14.9 million signed documents. Combined platform and integration features allow associates the ability to electronically sign and complete their onboarding from any device with a web connection. EmployBridge now has access to a mobile workforce that is free from the delays that accompanied the paper onboarding process.

Credera is honored to have the opportunity to join with companies like EmployBridge in their goals to innovate, make a large impact through waste reduction, and improve their sustainability efforts. Sustainability can always be brought into process optimization efforts because the reduction of physical waste or superfluous use of resources saves companies money and reduces the impact on the environment. As a result of this single engagement, EmployBridge will save 360,000 pounds of carbon per year through their paperless onboarding initiative.

Because of this project, Credera had the opportunity to partner with EmployBridge in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Credera mobilized quickly to define and deploy 80 more document templates in the portal to enable branches to go completely virtual. These new document types will yield an additional 1.8 million signatures and save 3.5 million more sheets of paper annually. Credera embraces opportunities to partner with clients to address current challenges and drive impact that goes beyond dollars and cents.

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