Apr 21, 2022

EmployBridge & Credera: Celebrating 15 Years of Partnership

Credera Team

Credera Team

EmployBridge & Credera: Celebrating 15 Years of Partnership

Today marks the celebration of 15 years of partnership between Credera and EmployBridge. Since 2007, Credera and EmployBridge partnered together on 225 projects involving over 200 Credera team members working over 300,000 hours to build and extend EmployBridge’s staffing platform supporting the recruitment, interviewing, screening, onboarding, and assignment of over 500,000 people annually.


Growing Together

From a 40-person Texas-based consulting firm and a regional staffing company with 16,000 annual associates to an over 3,000 employee global boutique and the largest industrial staffing company in the U.S., Credera and EmployBridge have worked and grown together over the past 15 years toward the shared goal of giving good people good jobs.


Success Stories of Building Together

Over 15 years, Credera and EmployBridge have partnered to complete hundreds of projects, helping to modernize EmployBridge’s operations and technologies. Credera has assisted with data migrations during mergers and acquisitions, numerous integrations with external vendors, custom solutions for candidates to apply, refer, be screened, and get assigned to job openings. Credera also has a long-term presence through an ongoing development and support team to assist in continued development at EmployBridge. Out of all these projects, we chose three to highlight below.

Project Highlight #1: Saving Millions in Costs and Paper With the E-Signature Initiative

In 2017, EmployBridge engaged Credera to develop a fully digital and mobile-friendly user experience throughout all steps of the associate journey. This required a digital signature platform that could operate at EmployBridge's national scale, provide flexibility for dynamic assembly of onboarding packets to accommodate federal, state, and local laws, EmployBridge brand verticals, and differing needs based on branch and client.

Credera partnered with EmployBridge the whole way. We helped narrow down providers, built an integration with the Adobe Sign, the digital signature solution in Adobe Document Cloud, and defined over 150 document templates. We developed an associate portal to streamline the document signing process for a seamless user experience.

As a result, we centralized the management and storage of documents, combined platform and integration features, allowing the ability to electronically sign and complete onboarding, and improved sustainability for EmployBridge through this digital solution.

As of today, this digital solution has allowed EmployBridge to save:

  • Over 100 acres of 100-year-old forest.

  • Enough water saved from the making of paper to fill 2,700 Olympic swimming pools.

  • Enough paper to cover every high school and college football field in Texas twice.

  • $25 million in ink and paper.

  • 6.2 million staff hours from handling paperwork and tracking down signatures.

Project Highlight #2: Increasing Operational Efficiencies Through Online Interview Scheduling

In 2018, Credera helped EmployBridge improve the hiring and onboarding process, and the increase in applicants moving through the associate journey led to increased overhead in managing interview schedules.

Through a four-month initiative, Credera developed a custom scheduling platform which empowered branches to dynamically create and manage interview slots. The team worked closely with EmployBridge teams to identify key metrics (e.g., fill rate, show up rate, cancel rate, reschedule rate, etc.) to build a comprehensive data-driven view of the new integrated scheduling solution’s success.

Credera also engaged our experience design practice to design a user-friendly and intuitive interface for both branches and applicants and surfaced the platform through the existing Dynamics-based ATS and apply website to allow a quick-to-market solution. This gave applicants the ability to self-schedule a slot aligning to their schedule online or opt to schedule by phone.

This solution reduced branch time for managing interview schedules, set the stage for a reporting architecture capturing 285 million data points of scheduling analytics each month, and supported the scheduling of over 3.8 million interviews all while leveraging existing systems for a unified applicant experience.

Project Highlight #3: Providing Jobs During a Global Pandemic

In March 2020, EmployBridge had to quickly pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person interviewing was no longer an option, and the company needed to quickly shift their approach. Over the next week, Credera built, integrated, and deployed a solution that allowed applicants to record responses to interview questions, all remotely from their homes. The scheduling tool that Credera built set the groundwork for an initiative to provide applicants and interviewers an online experience to accommodate for social distancing and keep EmployBridge staff and customers safe.

Sharing Moments Together

The most important part of Credera’s relationship with EmployBridge has been its people. Their dedication and hard work has resulted in over 15 years of meaningful contribution to the company’s success. These many years of service are a true indication of determination, passion, and unwavering loyalty.

However, it’s not only about the opportunities provided and the talent showcased, but also the fun the teams have added to team member’s experiences. The various events and celebrations organized throughout the years helped relieve the natural daily pressures and stress of project work while creating an environment that is fun and relaxing.

Rick Gipson, partner-in-charge of the EmployBridge account, in reminiscing about his involvement in 12 of the 15 years of the Credera/EmployBridge partnership, said, "Though the projects were often challenging, innovative, and provided opportunities for our people to grow, it is the moments that I cherish most – the fun we had in the team room, celebrating milestones like promotions, planning proposals, attending weddings, or being there in times of loss. Or sometimes it's just having fun at team events like homemade ice cream, singing chickens on birthdays, Top Golf outings, and hockey games.”


From new consultants to well-seasoned employees and everyone in between had something to gain from their experience of being at EmployBridge. Kevin King, part of the team that redesigned EmployBridge’s applicant portal, learned new technologies for the first time and developed materials to support new learners onboarding onto similar projects in the future.

In 2019, Credera technologist Hanna Chun had the opportunity to meet her EmployBridge partners in person for a strategy meeting in Indianapolis. Hanna shares, “it was a productive and rewarding opportunity to meet partners from all over the world in person after working virtually together for years.”

Others reminisced over the culture that inspired 15 years of success. Credera technologist Mirza Javed described, a “camaraderie, and the willingness to help each other. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed and help the client out however they can.”

Many, like technologist Peter Rangel, found moments of laughter and fun, sharing, “especially the time Carlos Rodriguez (rightfully) shamed me for eating a taco with queso that was over 8 hours old.”

Technologist Kevin Erickson sums up the partnership’s impact on Crederians by saying, “to think that we worked with one client for almost a generation is humbling. Thank you, [EmployBridge], for letting us play a small part of the journey.”

Thank You for 15 Years!

Since 2007, Credera approached our work with EmployBridge as a partnership. From software solutions to data center migrations, and even through the global pandemic, we have worked together to make EmployBridge successful.

As Justin Bell, Credera CEO shares, “every consulting firm hopes for a client like EmployBridge. Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed deep friendships, partnered on over 200 projects, and accomplished incredible results together. We’re so thankful for the trust they’ve placed in us and for the amazing partnership that’s developed. And to the Credera team that has partnered with EmployBridge over the years, thank you for your great work and commitment to making an extraordinary impact for our client.”

Of late, Credera and EmployBridge have been focused on modernizing the staffing platform, readying it for its next evolution all while welcoming Hire Dynamics, EmployBridge’s latest acquisition, onto the systems that have empowered EmployBridge’s amazing growth.

“Throughout the years and many projects, I am most grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing people at Credera. Technology changes at a rapid pace, but our shared values and a passion for solving problems have been consistent from our first project 15 years ago.” – Chris Loope (EmployBridge CIO/CDO 2007-2018)

Cheers, to another 15 years.

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