Sep 27, 2023

Embrace Agility and Peak Web Performance with AEM Edge Delivery Services

Jay Proulx

Jay Proulx

Embrace Agility and Peak Web Performance with AEM Edge Delivery Services

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Edge Delivery Services is an evolutionary approach to content management. Based on AEM Franklin — the approach named after Rosalind Franklin who's known for her work that led to the discovery of the DNA double helix — AEM Edge Delivery Services follows this revolutionary spirit, reshaping the digital landscape to improve marketing agility.

Peak Web Performance

In the digital era, web performance directly correlates with user experience. AEM Edge Delivery Services prioritizes web performance, focusing on achieving optimal Google Lighthouse scores, a key metric in the realm of web performance. This means sites built with AEM Edge Delivery Services are tailored for excellent speed, accessibility, and SEO, significantly contributing to an enhanced user experience.

Simplified Content Management and Collaboration

Streamlining content creation and editing is a key aspect of AEM Edge Delivery Services. By integrating with popular tools such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, it provides a familiar environment for real-time collaboration. This approach fosters a simplified, efficient content management process, minimizing learning curves and encouraging productivity.

Agile Real-time Editing and Collaboration

AEM Edge Delivery Services's real-time collaboration and editing features ensure rapid content production and faster decision-making. Teams can collaboratively work in real-time — editing and approving content directly, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up the content delivery process.

Rapid Adoption and Familiarity

Adoption is often a hurdle when implementing new tools. However, AEM Edge Delivery Services reduces these challenges by integrating with familiar productivity platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. Leveraging the well-known features of these tools, AEM Edge Delivery Services minimizes adoption friction, fosters productivity, and reduces the time and cost of training.

Content Velocity at Scale

In a digital landscape where content production and delivery are paramount, AEM Edge Delivery Services stands tall. It equips teams with the necessary tools and processes to manage and deliver content efficiently at scale, meeting the evolving demands of digital marketers and consumers alike.

The Bottom Line

Deciding on a content management approach significantly influences your organization's digital strategies. If you value web performance, efficient content management, real-time collaboration, rapid adoption, and large-scale content delivery, AEM Edge Delivery Services can be the perfect fit.

By integrating with familiar tools and promoting a collaborative and efficient workflow, AEM Edge Delivery Services aims to streamline content management and delivery, assisting teams in providing superior digital experiences.

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