Jun 12, 2019

Credera’s President Shares Digital Transformation Tips with Forbes

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Credera’s President Shares Digital Transformation Tips with Forbes

Digital transformation is at the top of most executives’ agendas. Yet, recent research shows that culture is the most significant barrier to digital effectiveness. Credera President, Justin Bell, recently shared with Forbes several ways to establish a digital mindset that enables effective transformation.

According to Bell, “when leading digital transformation, a corporate mindset shift must occur in order to overcome common barriers, such as silos and hierarchies, that I’ve seen can lead to lack of collaboration, institutionalized risk aversion and neglected customer needs in favor of product goals and metrics.”

Leaders have a great opportunity to influence the effectiveness of digital transformation simply by being mindful to model and lead this type of culture change. Below are a few ways to drive toward an organizationally-wide digital mindset shift:

  1. Establish a relentless customer focus. “Customer experience should be at the heart of all strategy and decisions,” says Bell.

  2. Enable rapid progress. “Create processes that allow your organization to move at the speed of digital,” says Bell who knows first-hand the success Credera has experienced success leveraging agile processes internally and with our clients.

  3. Reinforce the ‘why.’ “Successful digital change drives the business,” reminds Bell. “Set up metrics that reinforce this reality.”

To read the rest of Justin’s recommendations visit the original article at You can also read more about our approach to digital transformation here.

If your organization is going through digital transformation, we’d love to share our experience with you.

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