Oct 14, 2021

Credera Women’s Network Presents: Overcoming Challenges Micro-Series

Melissa Arteaga

Melissa Arteaga

Credera Women’s Network Presents: Overcoming Challenges Micro-Series

Throughout the second quarter, the Credera Women’s Network (CWN) hosted a three-part micro-series where our own Credera women shared a portion of their stories. The micro-series events were designed to be brief but impactful, with each individual event clocking in at just 15 minutes. The purpose of these sessions was to serve as a reminder that, though you may sometimes feel isolated in your struggles, you are not alone. By listening to everyone’s unique story, you may find similarities, a support system, a kindred spirit, or, if nothing else, you’ll gain a new perspective on the challenges others might be facing. 

Each event featured a different Credera woman, challenge, and key lessons. We have compiled several meaningful takeaways from each session below. 

Session 1: Sandra Kirkby Baker – Principal, Management Consulting; Chicago

Struggles Can Be Silent

We often face challenges or obstacles silently—only allowing those closest to us in on the details. It's important to remember that just because you don't see a challenge or struggle someone else may be going through, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Grant others the patience and space to work through struggles privately and only share if and when they are ready.

You Are Your #1 Priority

Give yourself permission to prioritize your needs. If some obligations or invitations interfere with your health and wellness, it's OK to say no. Taking care of yourself first will allow you to be more present and caring when you are with others.

Ask for What You Need

You know your own needs better than anyone else. Advocate for yourself, ask for what you need, and don't accept "good enough." If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own, then you can also seek out an advocate for support.  

Session 2: Nickoria Johnson – Chief Diversity Officer; Dallas

Be Your Authentic Self

Don't lower your moral bar or ignore your values in order to fit in. You have skills and experiences that are uniquely yours and deserve to be seen and heard. Learn your value and lean in to your unique strengths instead of focusing on the things others have.   

Relationships Are Unique

Your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers are all unique and they reflect the effort and care you put into them. You don't have to be best friends with every person you work with, but you still have to work well with them. Seek to trust and build relationships until a person proves they don't deserve it and adjust accordingly. Give others the space to be the best version of themselves.

Find Your Support Group

Find women who will mentor you, advocate for you, and celebrate with you, and find time and space to do the same for other women. Finding a space where you can be open and vulnerable can be so helpful in tackling life's challenges.

Session 3: Margo Lunsford – Senior Designer, User Experience; Houston

Collaborate With Others

Collaboration is an incredibly helpful tool when facing certain challenges. It can be used to build trust, foster inclusivity, and ensure all perspectives and experiences are heard. Through collaboration you may find new insights that can help you determine a different approach to the challenge.

Stop Self-Sabotaging

Self-sabotage is an easy habit to fall into when you're battling things like imposter syndrome, comparison, and uncertainty, but it's important to recognize when this is happening so you can course correct. When you notice you’re experiencing feelings of self-doubt or destruction, try to remind yourself exactly why you deserve the success and opportunity you might be doubting.

Be Prepared to Dig Deep

Whether you're facing weeks of tough conversations with others, a journey of internal reflection and processing, or other obstacles, you may need to dig deep to truly tackle the challenge. Believe in your ability to stick with the work because it's worth it in the end.

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