Apr 16, 2021

Credera Welcomes Emily Schulhoff as a Partner in the Dallas Office

Credera Team

Credera Team

Credera Welcomes Emily Schulhoff as a Partner in the Dallas Office

Credera, a global, boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology, is thrilled to announce the addition of Emily Schulhoff to Credera’s partner team. At Credera, Emily will partner with clients to achieve their visions, contribute to Credera’s internal growth through mentorship, and focus on supporting the firm’s strategy and transformation service areas. 

“Emily knows Credera well from over six years at the firm prior to starting and growing her own consulting firm,” said CEO Justin Bell. “We’re so excited to have her back in the family and for Credera staff to benefit from her entrepreneurial hustle, transformational leadership skills, and strong character.” 

Emily’s Background

Emily brings 17 years of technology and client service experience spanning multiple industries, including fintech, hospitality and transportation, medical, and retail. She has spent over a decade focused on program leadership, organizational design, and transformational change. Emily is passionate about partnering with clients to define their vision and bring it to life, lead through complex change, and personalize customer experiences. 

Prior to Credera, Emily founded and led McCallum Reese Consulting, a firm comprised of strategy, organizational change design, and program leadership consultants. Previously, she worked in Credera’s Management Consulting Practice as well as a mobile technology company, where she sat on Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council for Mobility.   

Emily graduated magna cum laude from Baylor University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing and also attended MIT Sloan where she received an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation. She loves adventurous and international travels, reading, and quality time with her family and friends.  

Emily Schulhoff Family
Emily Schulhoff Family

Emily with her family

Q&A With Emily Schulhoff

What were you doing prior to joining Credera? 

Prior to joining Credera, I founded and led McCallum Reese Consulting for over four years, a firm comprised of strategy, organizational change design, and program leadership consultants. We worked with clients ranging from publicly traded financial institutions to hospitality and transportation clients to international nonprofits; but what made our consultancy unique was the ability to join full-time and part-time employees together to form resource squads. By keeping consistent squads, we were able to deploy talent in an unconventional way that led to highly effective implementations. Prior to McCallum Reese Consulting, I worked for Credera for six years, where I discovered my passion for consulting as a whole and specifically on the people-centric areas of business: organizational design, customer experience, change, and program leadership. 

What led to your decision to rejoin Credera?

There were three primary factors that led to my decision to join: executive-level authenticity, leaders who pull on the same rope in the same direction, and a people-first mindset that centers on making an extraordinary impact on not only our clients, but also our employees and our communities.   

How would you describe your approach to leadership? 

My approach to leadership is individualization, empowerment, and growth. I aim to understand the goals of my teammates, what makes them who they are, how to position them for success—and then give them stretch opportunities to challenge themselves.   

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career so far? 

I’ve learned so many valuable lessons in my career so far, it’s hard to pick one! A few that immediately jump to mind include: 

  • Believe in the person more than they believe in themselves. Let them know you believe they can do it, and they almost always will.

  • If you focus on making the people above you, below you, and beside you successful, you’ll be successful.

  • When something goes well, share the credit; when something goes poorly, take responsibility. 

  • Focus on your character, not the outcome.

What are you most excited about now that you’re a part of the Credera team (again)? 

I’m thrilled to be a leader for a company that is truly people-first and focused on growth—not just as a company, but for client organizations. I see our CEO, Justin Bell, leading by example with a growth mindset—the concept that talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others—and it’s permeated Credera’s culture. I look forward to fostering growth within our talented team members (and as a bonus, within myself). 

About Credera

Credera is a consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology. As a part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, our approximately 700 consultants across the globe partner with clients ranging from long-time market leaders to emerging companies delivering strategy and execution leadership to create tangible business results. Credera's deep business acumen and technical expertise, combined with a deep dedication to building trusted relationships, unlocks extraordinary business performance for our clients. Our mission is to make an extraordinary impact for our clients, people, and communities.

For additional information about Credera, please visit the About Us page.

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