Jul 18, 2022

Credera Presents at Women in Tech Texas 2022

Rhea Horton

Rhea Horton

Credera Presents at Women in Tech Texas 2022

In May, Credera had the privilege to sponsor and attend the inaugural Women in Tech Texas 2022 conference. Women in Tech Texas is a two-day, in-person conference with a mission to unite women technology leaders and help attendees discover all the latest tech insights and skills needed to future proof their careers.

We were also honored to have several Credera women lead sessions on topics like applying an innovation lifecycle to solve personal challenges as well as learning how to pivot in the face of professional or personal crises.

Here is an overview of the conference details and the impact the conference had on our female leaders.

Overview of Women in Tech Texas

The conference had more than 1,000 women technology leaders and innovators in attendance, along with successful technology companies (Intel, Citi, and Southwest Airlines, to name a few) excited to celebrate women's resilience in the tech industry. The over 80 sessions throughout the conference covered topics of resilience in technology, business, and career development.

Three of Credera’s own leaders, Nickoria Johnson, Margo Lunsford, and Kathryn Thompson, were asked to present at the conference. Nickoria Johnson, Credera’s Chief Diversity Officer, presented on “Now, Next, and Future-Proofing Your Success,” and Margo Lunsford, Associate Design Director, and Kathryn Thompson, Senior Manager, presented on “Lessons Learned in Design and Innovation From Long-Distance Running.”

Additionally, we had a total of 14 Credera women in attendance who were representatives across all of our technical practices.

Some of the major takeaways from our speakers and conference attendees are found below:

Highlights From the Credera Presentations

Now, Next, and Future-Proofing Your Success 

When crisis hits or the need to make a pivot approaches, use the Now, Next, and Future model to help navigate uncertainties and the unknowns. Whether it is your organization or you personally, assess the potential impact and take into consideration the following:

  • Now: How will you react to meet critical needs?

  • Next: How will you respond to changing inputs/demands?

  • Future: How will you plan to compete in the new normal?

After you assess your internal capabilities, then forecast changing behaviors, explore the impact of the crisis, identify critical initiatives to assemble a roadmap, and execute against your roadmap.

Future Proofing

Lessons Learned in Design and Innovation From Long-Distance Running 

Similar to the 15 stages of suffering when training for long-distance races, during work we can often push our minds and bodies to the limit, which hinders our ability to problem solve effectively. In both situations, it's important for us to allow time to recover and recharge by creating and protecting space that brings out your best self, finding a coach for accountability, and allowing moments of vulnerable awe. Using the innovation lifecycle of investigate, ideate, incubate, and iterate, allows you to pause and problem solve using a non-linear approach.

WiT 2

The Credera Conference Experience

Credera women expressed high value in the conference content, as many were led by technology leaders from large industry tech firms and some from the friendly faces of Credera's clients. They also appreciated the opportunity to meet other women in the local tech industry to learn from each other and build additional support systems.

Finally, since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, this was the first time Credera’s women in tech were able to come together at a professional conference to meet outside of screens and enjoy each other's in-person company.

Credera is most definitely looking forward to Women in Tech Texas 2023!

WiT 1

Moving Forward

Credera is committed to supporting all women in technology through professional development opportunities, amplifying their voices internally and externally, and building their networks with other women in technology. After this event, we have supported women in sharing their presentations to other Credera women in tech, so they too can learn from our female leaders. We will also continue to identify professional organizations for Credera women to become members of, attend regional or national conferences, gain new networks and lessons, and advocate for them to share their insights to others.

Come Grow With Us 

At Credera, we couldn’t be more excited about our future. If you’re interested in a career where you can grow and make an extraordinary impact with people who care, please visit our careers page.

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