Feb 07, 2019

Credera Mentioned as an Example of Pivotal Change in Wake of Marketing Technology Changes

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Credera Mentioned as an Example of Pivotal Change in Wake of Marketing Technology Changes

Over the last several years, the marketing technology landscape has exponentially increased in complexity, leaving chief marketing officers confused about how best to leverage the enormous number of tools available to them. In light of this rapidly expanding landscape, services firms are adjusting to better serve their clients. A recent Marketing Insider Group article outlines the latest shift and how the classic advertising and consulting models are evolving:

“That skill vacuum at corporations and larger agencies has sparked a trend that shows no signs of burning out: mergers of traditional ad agencies with their digital peers. For example, in 2013, WPP acquired Bottle Rocket, a Dallas-based mobile marketing software firm known for building NPR and NatGeo apps. Although WPP’s acquisition caught the marketing world’s attention, what shocked it was digital agencies like Deloitte doing the reverse: acquiring creative firms like Heat, a hotshot agency with video, social, and digital components. What Deloitte calls “creative digital consulting” is effectively the same model as WPP’s, where a traditional ad agency and a tech consulting partner join forces to provide services that are more than the sum of their parts.

“Will clients continue to seek out all-in-one agencies? Firms large and small seem to think so. Omnicom Group, one of the world’s largest marketing services and advertising agencies, recently acquired Credera, a boutique management and technology consulting firm based in Dallas. According to Credera President Justin Bell, single-service marketing firms are missing a lot of opportunity: “Marketing initiatives can no longer be siloed. They must integrate with an organization’s broader technology architecture and leverage insights to be successful.”

Credera is excited to be a leader in this pivotal change in the advertising and consulting industries and is optimistic about the future as a part of the Omnicom family. Learn more about how we help chief marketing officers cut through the marketing technology clutter or reach out to us at

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