May 02, 2022

Credera Launches the Credera Veterans Network

Thad Siwinski

Thad Siwinski

Credera Launches the Credera Veterans Network

Prior to celebrating Veterans Day in November of 2021, veterans from all across Credera came together to establish the Credera Veterans Network (CVN). 

The newly formed unit aligns with the credo of “Same strengths, new mission.” The purpose of CVN is to help veterans at Credera feel a sense of community at the firm and utilize the valuable skills gained during their military service such as servant leadership, adaptability to ambiguous situations, and the ability to build deep relationships. 

The Credera Veterans Network Mission

The overarching mission for Credera Veterans Network is grounded in three pillars: 

  1. Engage elite veteran talent to improve client outcomes.

  2. Increase Credera connectedness. 

  3. Contribute to veteran and first-responder causes by mobilizing select Credera team members to creatively procure and activate veteran talent.

The CVN seeks to help onboard not only transitioning service members, but their spouses as well by making an outsized effort to include them in recruiting and onboarding events. The military places special emphasis on building community not just across service member units, but also across military families within those units.   

The CVN seeks to replicate that military community within its Credera veteran families. The CVN aims to support new Credera staff at work and on the home front, while helping them succeed in their new mission at the firm. 

CVN is currently led by Thad Siwinski, JR Ochoa, Justin Baucum, Michael Donovan, and Francisco Garza with executive sponsorship from Nate Raymond and Scott Covington. 

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