May 17, 2019

Credera Highlighted as an Excellent Place to Find A Mentor

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

Credera Highlighted as an Excellent Place to Find A Mentor

There is no question, a great mentor is an invaluable asset. Effective mentors have the power to help growing leaders fill skill gaps, find new opportunities, and plot a pathway to success. Unfortunately, great mentors don’t grow on trees. Finding someone who is excellent at his or her work, cares about you personally, and has the time to invest in you requires intentionality and persistence on the part of the mentee.

According to a recent Under 30 CEO article, it’s critical to find a company that values mentorship. In the article, contributor Kimberly Zhang points to Credera as an organization full of potential mentors.

“Credera, a full-service management and consulting firm, believes strongly in the power of mentorship at work. The company established a mentoring program that’s helped fuel the growth-oriented mindset the firm values. ‘Mentorship is not just a program,’ Matt Levy, managing director at Credera, says. ‘Learning is a value that is core to our culture. By fostering an environment where employees feel encouraged to learn from one another and share their knowledge, we have developed a team of people eager to invest in the growth of their colleagues. Our people are the best part of our firm.’”

“You’ve got to find a company culture that values learning and personal growth. Look for companies where “lifelong learning” is a shared attribute among the people who work there. It can sometimes be difficult to find people willing to invest in others in a highly competitive culture or in a company where an “up or out” mentality exists. If you’re in a position to choose or change your work environment, look for companies that value mentorship, and you won’t find a shortage of generous leaders willing to share with you what they’ve learned.”

Another article by echo’s Zhang’s sentiment.

“Mentors provide the knowledge and growth that educators and employers don’t because they have the ability to walk through daily life with you. Mentors lead by example. It’s amazing what the model of a great mentor can teach you simply by observing their ways,” says Brad Anderson, Editor in Chief at ReadWrite. He points to Credera as a model example of a mentorship culture.

Mentorship is the most consistent and effective way to grow as a professional,” says Rob Borrego, CEO at Credera, a full-service management and IT consulting firm. “By striving to create a culture of mentorship and implementing a formal program we’ve noticed incredible results among our teams. People who used to be hesitant to solicit feedback are now more confident and eager to expand their knowledge and tackle new challenges.”

Credera is humbled to be considered a great example of a mentorship culture and is committed to maintaining an environment that attracts and retains lifelong learners who are willing to invest in one another. If you are looking to take the next step on your professional journey we invite you to explore our open opportunities and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter to find out more about Credera’s family-like culture.

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