Oct 15, 2019

Credera Employees Compete in AT&T Business Hackathon with Magic Leap: 5G & Spatial Computing

Josh Hamit
Trey Sedate
Caleb Fung
Chris Ragsdale

Josh Hamit, Trey Sedate, Caleb Fung, and Chris Ragsdale

Credera Employees Compete in AT&T Business Hackathon with Magic Leap: 5G & Spatial Computing

Several Credera employees recently participated in the AT&T Business Hackathon to ideate projects that haven’t existed until now.

The prompt? Solve a real business case using some of the latest XR technology by merging digital imagination with the physical world.

The Credera team decided to tackle how these new technologies could help those with Alzheimer’s. 1 in 3 seniors dies while suffering from dementia in America – meaning this affects almost everyone in America. This is a huge opportunity for the health care industry since Americans are spending over 270 billion dollars combating this disease. Could we use XR technology, Magic Leap, and AT&T 5G to change the lives of this aging generation? What if someone suffering from Alzheimer’s could rewind the current conversation to relive what you’ve forgotten? What if you had facial recognition to assist with memory loss? All of this could be possible with XR technology.

Caleb Fung, Chris Ragsdale, Trey Sedate, and I developed with the technology of the Magic Leap One device, coupled with the power of a super-connected world via AT&T Business 5G, and built towards a new era of experiences for Alzheimer’s patients.

Future directions in our application include integrating facial recognition, speech recognition, and wayfinding. Facial recognition from the Magic Leap’s on-board camera can be integrated with information about loved ones show on a heads-up display. This type of interface can also be used to rekindle important memories in someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. We can utilize speech recognition to trigger application features such as recording and playing back video based on phrases that are continuously repeated. Furthermore, by leveraging emerging 5G and Magic Leap’s spatial computing technology, we can enable a user suffering from Alzheimer’s to find their destination in an unfamiliar environment, say in a restaurant.

Mo Katibeh, AT&T’s CMO, said, “This is an incredible time for technological convergence. The opportunities for business are almost endless when combining the best of spatial computing, 5G, edge compute, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. We are at the dawn of a new decade where creative developers – like the ones at the AT&T Business Hackathon – are breaking new ground for business transformation.”

See the video of the team presenting on their project below. To view the slides in the video, click here.

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