May 02, 2016

Credera Cup: Analytics & Competition

Justin Bell

Justin Bell

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At Credera, we believe that attracting and retaining the top technical and consulting talent is the biggest competitive differentiator for consulting firms.  From our beginning, we have sought to only hire people that have great talent / capability AND great culture and core values fit.  I believe this focus on both talent and culture fit has been the primary contributor to our successful growth, excellent culture and reputation with our clients.

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, they discuss how more companies are using simulations, competitions and analytics to source and evaluate talent instead of looking only in the traditional talent pool and doing mostly “resume based interviews”.  I really like one comment in the article when talking about the benefits of using simulations and tests: “if you really want to know if someone is funny, don’t just ask them, make them tell you a joke.”.  So true.  Many resumes look good on paper, but can the candidate actually perform at the expected level and help “raise the bar” from a talent perspective.

We have fully embraced this approach to looking for measurable and demonstrated skills, in addition to, or even at a premium of the resume / experience on paper.  Over the years, we’ve continually refined our approach to sourcing and evaluating talent.  Depending on practice area and level, our process currently includes some combination of:

  • Culture Fit Interviews

  • Programming Aptitude Tests

  • Verbal and Numeric Aptitude / Reasoning

  • Behavioral Trait Assessment

  • Technical Case Studies

  • Strategy Case Studies

  • Programming Assignments & Code Reviews

  • More Traditional, Resume Based Interviews

I’m happy to announce the latest addition…Credera Cup.  This is a really fun, game simulator, created by a few of our best technologists, to help us identify candidates with great development ability / passion.  The story within the game is:

You then program to an API to optimize your race cars performance.  The results are all tracked on a leaderboard and you can see where you stand against the rest of the participants.

Are you a great developer or know someone that is?  Have them try Credera Cup and prove it!

Thanks to Vik Jain, Jason Goth and Greg Anders as the primary creators of Credera Cup!

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