Jul 27, 2022

Credera Celebrates API Heritage Month in 2022

Priya Kane
Van Tran

Priya Kane and Van Tran

Credera Celebrates API Heritage Month in 2022

In recognition of this year’s Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month, Credera held a spotlight series in addition to the events hosted by Omnicom Asian Leaders Circle. This year’s events focused on API joy, highlighting how individuals connect to their roots and displaying the uniqueness of each person’s identity, heritage, passions, and pursuits through curated multidimensional and multimedia storytelling.

Celebrating API Heritage Month in Stories

A team from our CredColor employee resource group (ERG) hosted the spotlight series, which included five sessions that were each focused on a different region of Asia. During this time, Credera team members had the opportunity to share their personal journey stories as well as other aspects of their culture, including food, music, and religion. Together we celebrated, learned, and developed a stronger appreciation for each person and the region of Asia they represented.

“API Heritage Month gives us the opportunity to contemplate our respective journeys, while remembering those who came before us and struggled to survive so that we could thrive,” said Nidhin Sam, a Credera architect in the Houston office.

“As we take this time to reflect upon our ancestors’ resilience and achievements, it encourages me to be proud of my heritage and share my culture with others,” said Tony Kim, a Credera front-end developer in Dallas.

“Celebrating API heritage is a way to build a bridge between my cultural upbringing in South Asia and how I have embraced the customs and norms of the United Kingdom—a place I now call home,” said Rubyat Wahid, a Credera consultant in London, highlighting what the purpose of the month is to him.

In addition to the spotlight series, there were many events hosted by the Omnicom Asian Leaders Circle (ALC), including a storytelling series, book club, and a private concert. For the SPARKS! Fireside Chat, Priya Kane, a Credera senior consultant, moderated the conversation with Lu Truong, a Credera partner. Lu talked about his career journey as an Asian American, including a few defining moments and what he has learned along the way, whether it was navigating his identity in the workplace or working his way up to executive leadership. He concluded with advice for the next generation of Asian Americans in their careers.

Here is an overview of a few ways we celebrated API Heritage Month in 2022:

API Heritage Month Celebrations at Credera

Credera API Spotlight Series

South Asia – After a brief overview with fun facts on South Asia, Nidhin Sam (Credera, Houston) and Rubyat Wahid (Credera, London) shared their personal journey stories.

Southwest Asia – Hani Qadiri (Credera, London) and Rawan Alsagheer (Credera, Houston) talked about their backgrounds, traditions, food, and more about their roots.

Pacific Islander – Following a brief introduction about the Pacific Islands, Curt Kaneshiro (KERN, Los Angeles) went into detail about Hawaii and his experiences growing up on the islands.

Southeast Asia – After providing context on the cultural influences and geography of Southeast Asia, Bryant Miano (Credera, Chicago) and Van Tran (Credera, Los Angeles) presented their personal journey stories.

East Asia – Beyond the overview of East Asia and a discussion on food in the region, Tony Kim (Credera, Dallas) and Kevin Chen (Credera, Chicago) discussed their family backgrounds.

ALC SPARKS! A Fireside Chat With Lu Truong, Partner, Credera – Moderated by Priya Kane, the conversation with Lu focused on a few main categories, including cultural challenges and strengths, navigating the workplace, and growth as an Asian American in corporations.

API Interconnected – Cross-ERG Mixers – Co-presented by Omnicom ALC and other Omnicom ERGs, the mixers were held in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and London to help bridge connections, form new friendships, encourage allyship, and celebrate mutual joy across members of the ERGs.

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