May 03, 2017

Credera 2017 Chief Marketing Officer Survey

Gabe Knapp
Ben Grotta
Matt Levy

Gabe Knapp, Ben Grotta, and Matt Levy

Credera 2017 Chief Marketing Officer Survey

As companies work to source top performing chief marketing officers (CMOs), many wonder what they must pay to attract and retain the right CMO over the long haul, and where to invest for the future.

Credera surveyed over 100 CEOs to understand how they identify, recruit, and retain top CMO talent. We gathered information about how marketing departments are being organized and where CMOs are investing in technology to stay ahead of the digital curve. The four key sections of the report include:

  • CMO and marketing capabilities.

  • How the CMO is compensated, measured, and rewarded.

  • Marketing’s organizational structure.

  • Today’s marketing priorities and investments.

You need to know how the marketing landscape is changing, and Credera’s 2017 CMO Survey is a great place to start. For example, we found it interesting that more CMOs are now responsible for ecommerce than public relations, product marketing, and advertising. Interestingly, however, only 40% of marketing organizations are responsible for the customer experience. How can marketing be responsible for the ecommerce experience but not the customer experience? These kinds of challenges require CMOs who understand emerging trends and are prepared to lead.

This report addresses the following marketing related topics:

  • What marketing capabilities are required in the digital age?

  • How has the CMO role evolved in the past few years? Where is it headed?

  • What skills and experiences should a CEO prioritize when hiring a CMO?

  • How can a CEO know if a potential CMO




    has the right skills and experiences?

  • How much should a company be willing to compensate a CMO without over paying?

  • How should the CMOs performance be evaluated?

  • How should the CMO structure and staff their team?

  • How can a CEO support new digital capabilities within marketing?

  • Where should a company invest to stay ahead of the curve in marketing?

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