Mar 17, 2014

Consulting – Working in the Sweet Spot of Life

Credera Team

Credera Team

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It can be a leap of faith when accepting a job change. For those who have worked at more than one company, you may agree. The reality of the position or the company culture doesn’t always meet the expectations developed during the interview process.

For me, getting hired at Credera was truly a blessing. I found a consulting firm where I use and develop the skills I find most important for my personal growth and will help others. Plus, and this is HUGE, I truly respect and like the people I work for and with!

Let’s face it, work friendships matter. According to a 2013 job satisfaction survey conducted by Harris Interactive©, the number one reason people stay in a job is – “I like the people I work with.”

I invite you to watch videos and blogs profiled throughout and learn how Crederians view this great company they helped to build. Begin with the featured video above. Becky Cochener, Shilpa Channam, David Dobat, and Emily Schulhoff discuss how mentoring, work-life balance, and serving others are themes intertwined throughout their Credera work experiences.

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What is most important to you when evaluating a potential employer?

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