Aug 14, 2017

Company Trip 2017

Ally White

Ally White

Company Trip 2017

Every year at Credera we set financial goals, and when we reach those goals we like to celebrate our achievements together. This past June, every employee (including spouses) was invited to be a part of an all-expense paid trip to Laguna Beach, California to celebrate all that was accomplished in Fiscal Year 2016. The purpose of the company trip is for us to come together as the Credera family, to celebrate our success, and have fun while creating lasting memories.


Employees from all three of our offices; Dallas, Denver, and Houston were able to attend this year’s company trip in Laguna Beach at The Monarch Beach Resort. Alyse White, a Senior Consultant in our Denver office had this to say about preparing for her flight out to Laguna, “It’s 5am and I’m waiting outside my apartment for my co-workers to arrive. Four of us from the Denver office decided to carpool together to get to the airport. Despite the early hour, the car is full of energy as we laughed and talked the whole drive to the airport, discussing upcoming plans and activities. Early flights, waiting in line at security, and anything travel related can be stressful, but I had a lot of fun. While hanging out at the airport was not the most exciting event I participated in that weekend, it was special to me since that’s usually the worst part of any trip! We had a lot of fun waiting for the flight, and it reminded me that I’m lucky enough to call my co-workers friends.”

As with any Credera company trip, the trip planning committee had to have a few surprises (also known as Farkle losses) up their sleeves. Jake Carter, Principal, shares this as his favorite memory on the trip, “Seema Desai dressed up like a Monarch butterfly to welcome the buses of Crederians as they arrived, which involved her flying through the resort lobby. At one point, a young girl stopped Seema to ask if she was a “real live” Monarch butterfly. Seema, of course, said yes.”


Once all of the employees arrived, the fun really began. The trip opened with one of the most memorable company meetings we have ever had! A game of Family Feud was played as a way to introduce new Crederians, and our very own Jason Goth taught us what not to wear on the golf course. This was only the beginning of the memories that were made over the course of the weekend. Activities and excursions included whale & dolphin watching, kayaking, surfing, cycling, sailing, going to the beach, and simply exploring the Laguna Beach and Dana Point area.

In addition to the excursions, there were also two employee-organized events: The Credera Invitational and #CrederaGT, Grand Tour. Brock Hardman, Architect, had this to say about his favorite memory from the trip, “I signed up for the golf tournament, not knowing really what to expect. I had never played with anyone on my team before.  However, we all played great together and it was one of the best team efforts I have seen in my sporting career, so it’s worth mentioning. None of us played great.  In fact, I probably shanked more shots than I did good ones. But we all came through in the end to pick each other up and won the tournament at 8 under par.  It just reminded me that nothing is more powerful than a team who picks up one another.”

On the other hand, Senior Designer, Jeph Kryzak’s favorite memory was from #CrederaGT, Having the opportunity to organize and participate in the #CrederaGT exotic car excursion was a true delight! It was so rewarding to hear about each participant’s adventure and to see all those noteworthy cars out in the valet circle. The Sunday morning of our last day, my wife was in an Audi R8, and I a Porsche GT3. Along a lovely stretch of traffic-free California highway, we had a “spirited jaunt” that will forever be etched in my memory. I can still hear the exhaust notes.”


Saturday night was one to remember. The clouds parted at the perfect moment for our dinner together on the Grand Lawn of Monarch Beach Resort. The food was delicious and the sunset was an incredible backdrop.

After dinner, we all moved inside to the Casino Royale celebration which included live music, casino games, prizes, and other festivities. Paige Edwards, Talent Acquisition Manager in our Houston Office who has been with Credera for 5 years had this to say about her most recent company trip, “I’ve experienced these trips as a brand-new employee and now as a tenured one, and I continue to be amazed at our leadership’s commitment to offering this kind of perk. Seeing one of the Partners doing the worm on the dance floor, a coworker up on stage singing, ‘Shut Up and Dance’ right alongside the band, or seeing another coworker breakdancing for the first time in front of the entire company allows you to walk away with a new perspective that you can only gain on crazy, fun, amazing trips like these.”

Consultant Allison De La Torre sums it all up perfectly, “After most vacations, it’s hard to leave and go home. But at the end of this weekend, I especially didn’t want to go home. One of the highlights for me was being on a full dance floor at Casino Night. It felt like a big wedding reception with my closest friends and family. And for me, I can’t think of what’s better than having fun making memories with a few hundred family members in a gorgeous resort.”

Special thank you to our amazing trip planning committee for all of your hard work, without you our trip to Laguna Beach would not have been possible.

For more photos from the company trip, check out our Facebook album here.

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