May 21, 2020

Comfort in Change: Growing Together in Tough Times

Gabriella Biasiotta

Gabriella Biasiotta

Comfort in Change: Growing Together in Tough Times

As I considered joining Credera, I openly expressed my drive to step outside my comfort zone. The more I learned about Credera, the more I discovered it’s a culture that shares this principle. “Comfort in change” became not only a catchphrase of mine but a reality.

Fast forward a few months and I had a start date and was looking forward to opening my new office doors. Well, as the very first employee in Chicago, there were no physical office doors. Nor a designated desk. Not even a coffee machine, which I desperately needed. Sitting in a small, shared conference room, Credera Chicago felt like a startup with the comfort of an established company structure. This excited me even more as I embarked on a new chapter in my career and in Credera’s. I knew joining Credera Chicago meant being comfortable being uncomfortable for a while. It also meant I was a part of the team building our future.

Experiencing the Beginning

Over the following days and months, waves of change came quickly. First, a growing number of new faces joined Credera. Before I knew it, we formed our very own Chicago team of ten. Our shared office space grew and, like any startup, we leaned into the magic of creative problem solving, from furnishings to stocking supplies. Next, we quickly adopted the core Credera culture, but mixed in our own traditions, such as Friday lunches. Our client projects typically spread us throughout the city, but we’d come together on Fridays to explore the local lunch scene together and get in a few laughs.

Our office became official when we showed off the red Chicago fridge during our monthly, company-wide meeting. Since then, we’ve been surrounded by support with consultants and leaders across the firm flying in to join in and see us grow. Along with our firm, our client partners contribute to our growth and theirs during this unexpected time of change. As the saying goes, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people could change the world.” Or in my case, the office.

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As a linguist, I was fascinated to learn that the name “Credera” is derived from “credo” which means “I believe.” The Credera culture was founded on believing in oneself and the potential of others. Credera in general and the Chicago team specifically truly believe in building something great, together.

Moving Forward with Credera Chicago

As I reflect during these uncertain times, I believe Credera will also be able to navigate the change of this global pandemic. Locally, we keep our traditions by getting together online and even found ways to broaden our community, welcoming family, roommates, and furry loved ones too. Globally, we’re finding new, creative ways to comfort our people and our clients with our expertise and teamwork mindset during these changing times.

My journey has been full of change and, subsequently, all the more inspiring. From what I’ve learned, there is comfort in change when you’re surrounded by a great team and culture. I’m looking forward to the days and months ahead when we welcome the next wave of hires in the Chicago office who will only add to our rich culture and our future.

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