Apr 06, 2022

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2022 at Credera

Credera Team

Credera Team

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2022 at Credera

Throughout March 2022, Credera celebrated Women’s History Month through a series of unique initiatives to reflect upon the importance of this month and the impact it has on our community.

Rachel Godwin, a Credera Total Rewards Specialist in Dallas, perfectly encapsulates the purpose of this month by saying “Women’s History Month is a special time for us to honor, reflect, and celebrate the trailblazing contributions women have made throughout history. It serves as an important reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go.”

To celebrate Women’s History Month, our Credera Women’s Network (CWN) employee resource group hosted a series of micro events, with each recognizing how advocacy can impact various professional scenarios we might find ourselves in. Together we learned from women at Credera how their experiences with advocacy have also helped to shape their professional lives. During one unique session, two women at Credera shared their experiences of professional advocacy when navigating grief and how we can help others during similar situations. 

“Women's History Month is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the strength and accomplishments of trailblazing women, now and throughout history,” said Taylor Marley, a Credera senior manager in Los Angeles, when asked what Women’s History Month means to her. “Vital contributions made by women—often in the face of inequity, hardship, and discrimination—have afforded us the choices we have today, and the opportunity to scale to new heights tomorrow. Those before us have provided a framework we can leverage to challenge, defy, advocate, and rise up as we lobby for equitable and inclusive workplaces together.” 

We continued our discussion with women in technology as they shared the role of advocacy in their career growth. Together we reflected and identified ways to advocate for ourselves and others when it comes to progressing in our careers.

“Women's History Month is a way to showcase our amazing women and bring awareness to the nuances of what it means to be female in the workplace,” said Shelby Strodel, a Credera senior architect in Denver. “I'm excited to get to participate with one of my team members, Hanna Chun, and share about our mentorship relationship over the past six years.” 

Throughout the month of March, in honor of the International Women’s Day (IWD) theme, we also explored how to #BreakTheBias by considering our inner biases. By highlighting the presence of bias through a diverse set of experiences, we were able to bring forth content that Credera team members might relate to and use as a guide on how to #BreakTheBias in their daily lives and in the workplace.

Here is an overview of how we celebrated Women’s History Month in 2022:

Women’s History Month Celebrations at Credera

  1. Omniwomen: Interview With Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico – Indra Nooyi shared the details of her legendary career, the sacrifices it so often demanded and what she learned along the way.

  2. IWD Keynote Speech: Janet Taras on #BreakTheBias – Credera brought in Janet Taras to discuss common workplace biases and challenge attendees to identify and question their own personal bias.

  3. Advocacy Micro-Series Session 1: Advocating for Others – Credera team members spoke on how advocacy has impacted their career and/or life and how to advocate for others at all career levels to achieve a more equitable workplace.

  4. Advocacy Micro-Series Session 2: Advocating for Self & Others During Grief – Credera women who have navigated grief shared how it influences how they show up, advocate for self and others, and find community in their personal and professional lives.

  5. Befriending the Disruptor: Creating Space for Exploring Implicit Bias – Credera brought in instructor Monica Livingston to guide participants through a series of simple and impactful exercises designed to explore implicit bias and the ways it manifests life.

  6. Jess Shade: First North American Woman to Ski the World’s 8th Highest Peak – Jess Shade shared her experience as a ski mountaineer and mental health professional while navigating her identity as a member of the queer community.

  7. Advocacy Micro-Series Session 3: Advocating for Career Growth/Promotion – A Credera mentor and mentee team discussed the importance of women in technical leadership, how they have played a role in each other’s career, and how ongoing and increased advocacy will help more women to ascend in technical fields.

  8. The Role Advocacy Has Played in Your Career Progression – Credera leaders explored how the role of advocacy has played in their careers, how they advocate for others, and what we can all do to be better advocates.

  9. Advocacy Micro-Series Session 4: Advocating in Our Communities – Our very own Credera staff, who work in local communities to advocate for children through foster care and/or organizations like CASA, spoke about the impacts this work has on society at large.

Women’s History Month Donation Match

Throughout March we encouraged contributions to Girls in Tech, a nonprofit dedicated to helping eliminate the gender gap in tech jobs. The CWN matched all donations made by Crederian's in the month of March! Learn more about Girls in Tech.

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