Aug 10, 2016

A Glimpse Into Career Growth at Credera

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

A Glimpse Into Career Growth at Credera

Credera’s meritocracy-based style of management enables employees to excel and push the status quo. We want to reward team members with a promotion as quickly as they can consistently demonstrate they’re ready for the responsibilities of the next level. At the same time, Credera is not an “up or out” culture. We value our people at every stage of their careers and are committed to investing in each individual. Our goal is to equip every team member for success.

Shelby Strodel’s story is a great example.

Shelby joined Credera’s Microsoft Solutions practice after graduating from The University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. After two short years, she was consistently owning project work streams and contributing significant value in the development life cycle for client projects. She received a well-deserved promotion to senior consultant and continues to grow in her career.

Anyone who knows Shelby will tell you she is a diligent, hard-working team player. However, Shelby attributes her career growth to those who took the time to help her grow and shaped her into an excellent consultant: her mentors, practice leader and teammates.

“As her mentor, I am constantly impressed with Shelby’s attention to detail, ability to pick up new things quickly, take ownership and execute with the highest quality,” says Chris Griswold, Senior Manager, Credera. “It is what we hope for when we hire bright young college graduates—someone who quickly understands the complex web we weave, embraces it, and takes off running.”

Life at Credera

We’re “open-sourcing” the Credera day-to-day in a series called Life at Credera. As we share an authentic look at Credera’s culture – what we are learning, where we are growing, and our experiences – we will take action instead of promoting theory and provide specific examples of our commitment to getting better. We’ll talk about friendships & fun, growth, higher purpose, talent & character, leadership, and communication. Come join the journey of Life at Credera!

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