Jan 04, 2017

Can Companies Really Care About Their People, or is That Just Wishful Thinking?

Lauren King

Lauren King

Can Companies Really Care About Their People, or is That Just Wishful Thinking?

After college, it took several years and a few different companies to find out what I truly wanted (and needed) in a job. Through positive and negative experiences, I learned to consider factors from length of commute and benefits, to flexibility and growth potential. I even learned that basic amenities, like restrooms, must be taken into consideration. One thing I look for now – and something many of us seek in a company – is whether the organization genuinely cares about their people.

It can be hard to believe that a business cares about more than money. But, companies that authentically take interest in the well-being of their employees really do exist. What I once considered a pipe dream, I now believe is a necessity to my employment at an organization.


In-office massages, beer on tap and basketball tournaments are fun office perks, but I have learned they don’t make up for a lack of interest in the well-being of employees. Extra perks are great, and Credera offers many, but substantive support goes much deeper.

What does this genuine care for the team look like? Providing guidance, sharing feedback, taking interest in individuals’ success, offering opportunities for skill and career advancement, and giving praise are all examples of a company demonstrating their care for team members.

One way Credera offers genuine support to employees is through mentorship. Credera provides every employee with a mentor. Mentors support, guide, encourage and lead mentees by making themselves available to the mentee. One great part about the mentorship program is that there is no set expectation. Credera provides some guidance, but the mentor and mentee set and manage their expectations for the relationship.


“Credera’s formal mentorship program has been extremely valuable for my career growth,” says Josh Hamit when reflecting on his last five years at Credera. Josh joined our Digital Innovation and Optimization Practice in 2010. He has developed deep expertise as a technologist. while working on several of Credera’s largest projects, including Pep Boys, The Buckle and C Spire.

Josh attributes both his professional and personal growth to his mentor Mike Chou and the leaders on his project teams. They have helped Josh learn how to better manage projects, navigate his career and increase his technical capabilities.

“Josh is passionate about technology and is willing to take on any challenge,” says Mike, Josh’s mentor. “I’ve seen tremendous growth in Josh during his time at Credera.  First, in his ability to manage his workload, then in his ability to serve and lead his team and more recently in his ability to develop trust with his client.  More importantly, I’ve seen Josh grow as a husband and a new father in making decisions to balance work and family life.”

I am constantly encouraged by our leadership and management teams’ desire for every person, at every level, to be a leader and grow both professionally and personally. I love how this is demonstrated through Josh’s experience. Credera’s investment in my life has changed the way I see and do business, and it also energizes me to mentor and invest in others inside and outside the office.

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