Mar 04, 2015

Austin Walker Honored with Credera’s 9th Annual Living the Core Values Award

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

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Credera’s core values define who we are and what we stand for. They are embedded in the DNA of our company culture.

Credera’s Core Values:

–  Integrity: In every behavior we seek consistency with what we have said we believe

–  Excellence: In every outcome we achieve a remarkable result

–  Professionalism: In every situation we demonstrate a respectful attitude and high levels of competency and skill

–  Humility: In every decision we consider our clients and colleagues interests as more important than our own. When we are wrong, we own our part and ask for forgiveness

 Every year Credera recognizes an employee with the Living the Core Values Award. This award represents the individual who best exemplified our core values through their behavior during the year. All Crederians have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for this honor. The Partner Team determines the winner based on the nominations and examples cited. 

Rob Borrego & Austin Walker
Rob Borrego & Austin Walker

This year, we are excited to publically announce Austin Walker as the winner of the 9th Annual Living the Core Values Award! Austin’s selflessness, positive attitude, and eagerness to serve his clients and colleagues were among the many reasons he deserved this great honor.

 Below are a few ways Austin was recognized by his peers:

“Austin is a great embodiment of Credera’s core values. He’s passionate about what he does and is incredibly knowledgeable about the aspects of design. He’s also incredibly humble and has an excellent attitude.”

“At Credera, Austin is frequently referred to as ‘the best humanity has to offer’ – likely due to his infectious smile, incredibly positive attitude, and enthusiasm for Credera exhibited as a new hire.  But over the past 3 years he has grown from an enthusiastic beginner to an experienced consultant capable of leading peers and clients in a manner that differentiates himself (and Credera) positively in the marketplace.”

Austin always does the right thing and takes the high road, even when no one is looking. He constantly puts himself last and is actively seeking out ways to help others.”

Austin volunteers large amounts of his free time with Mercy Street and even moved his family to be closer to the community he serves.  He consistently invests in his mentee, from weekly lunches during the summer to fun weekend activities and birthday celebrations.  Though he will discuss these activities when asked, he is never boastful about them.  I have personally witnessed clients ask about his involvement in Mercy Street and how they might get involved, which I attribute to Austin’s strong moral principles and selflessness.”

Congratulations on winning the Living the Core Values Award, Austin! We are proud you are a member of the Credera family!

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