Jan 29, 2020

Amanda Leachman Honored With Credera’s 14th Annual Living the Core Values Award

Sarah Barber

Sarah Barber

Amanda Leachman Honored With Credera’s 14th Annual Living the Core Values Award

Every year, Credera recognizes an outstanding employee with our Living the Core Values Award. This award is presented to a Credera employee who exemplifies the firm’s four core values of humility, integrity, excellence, and professionalism. All Credera staff have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for this award, and the previous three year’s winners decide on the new winner based on the nominations submitted.

We are excited to announce Amanda Leachman as the winner of the 14th Annual Living the Core Values Award! Amanda’s servant leadership, care for others, and exceptional work ethic were among the many reasons she was nominated by her peers and why she earned this great honor.

Quotes from Amanda’s Peers About How She Lives Out the Core Values:

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Amanda measures herself by the impact of her mentorship, coaching, and value delivered to the client. She wants the people she supports to get the praise, awards, and shout outs vs. receiving those herself.”

What I believe makes Amanda special, and deserving of this award, is her time beyond the 40 hours… dedicated to helping our people (across geographies and practices) grow personally and professionally.”


“Amanda always leads by example. She will join a new project or work with a new team and quickly earn the respect of leadership, her peers, and young people. It has nothing to do with her title, role, or tenure at Credera, it’s because of her tireless work ethic and dedication to getting to know each and every team member on a personal level.”

Anything that she signs up for personally (e.g., Cross Fit) or professionally (e.g., Cred Talk) will be done to the best of her abilities, never for a lack of effort or dedication.”


“When Amanda says she is going to do something, she always follows through. She is reliable and consistent and fierce in her work ethic.”

Amanda is not afraid to admit she’s wrong, but also stands up for herself when she is confident in her recommendation or decision.”

If Amanda says she is going to do something, it will be done with high quality and on time.” 


Amanda will be managing more than a full schedule, see someone struggling, and then offer to take something off of their plate. Even in that situation, you know that she will deliver on what she signed up for. Her word is all you need, she doesn’t falter.”

“She demonstrates professionalism in dealing with tough conversations or conflict. I purposefully take note of the way that Amanda deals with conflict because she has a clear grasp of moral and ethical behaviors in business.”

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Credera’s core values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we do business. They are embedded in the DNA of our company culture, and we love celebrating our people who bring these values to life.

Amanda, thank you for living out Credera’s core values. Your contribution to the team cannot be overstated. We are proud and thankful to have you as a member of the Credera family!

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