Oct 23, 2019

A New Formula for Change

Raul Cevallos
Ben Grotta

Raul Cevallos and Ben Grotta

A New Formula for Change

What if there was a new formula to predict the likelihood of success for your change initiative?

Historically, change management approaches have centered around Danemiller’s famous formula that puts resistance as the key barrier to change. Based on our experience we put forward that resistance is not the key barrier—inertia is. Many times, organizations focus on overcoming resistance to change when there was not any resistance to begin with, merely inertia. This whitepaper will explore how a new formula for change can help predict the likelihood of success for change and share a five step approach for managing inertia.

Credera’s Approach to Managing Inertia

  1. Start With the Why

  2. Stakeholder Management

  3. Impact Assessment

  4. Reaction Assessment

  5. Benefit Realization Strategy

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