Mar 12, 2020

A Culture of Innovation: Innovative Opportunities

Ally White

Ally White

A Culture of Innovation: Innovative Opportunities

A culture conducive to innovation is not only good for a company’s bottom line, but also something that leaders and employees value in the workplace, shares Harvard Business Review. It’s easy to say you’re an innovative organization, but it’s another to demonstrate it for the world to see.

Our culture of innovation at Credera is shown in many different ways. While there are countless examples of innovation at Credera, we decided to dive a little deeper into some of the internal innovation initiatives at Credera, innovative learning opportunities, and the types of innovative projects our consultants are a part of. Seeing our colleagues innovate and thrive is a core part of Credera’s culture.

Pursuing Innovation

In this video, Simon Saugier, Principal Architect in Credera’s Open Technology Solutions Practice, shares an example of an innovative client project he had the opportunity to be a part of and some results the client was able to achieve because of the partnership with Credera. Simon explains the importance of innovation and how it created significant value for the client.

Credera believes that finding innovative ways to solve our client’s challenges is key to delivering lasting value. Using new technologies and finding the right way to execute the plan combine to achieve our client’s vision. That’s when the real value of innovation is realized.

“Innovation is about demonstrating a new idea to somebody that they either didn’t think of or didn’t think was possible.” – Simon Saugier, Principal Architect, Open Technology Solutions

Interested in Working at Credera?

We are passionate about creating structured, innovation processes that predictably generates value both at Credera and for our clients. Learn more about our internal innovation initiatives and innovative learning opportunities by reading more here. If you’re interested in being a part of what’s going on at Credera, check out our open opportunities.

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