Aug 28, 2012

7 Favorite Credera Leadership Quotes

Brad Buhl

Brad Buhl

7 Favorite Credera Leadership Quotes
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Great leadership must include inspirational, consistent, clear communication substantiated by the right behavior.  Last week our Management Team took a brief reprieve from client work to review the previous 12 months and think through opportunities to more effectively serve our clients and employees.  Along the way, I wrote down several quotes from our leaders … here are my favorite seven from the day…

Quote #1: “Vision leaks.”

Attributed to Bill Hybels, these two words aptly describe the reason and need for persistent vision, which great leaders repeat time and again.  Try to think of a leader you admire who does not vocalize their vision regularly.  Great leaders recast vision.

Quote #2: “Before you are a leader, you think success is all about yourself. As you are becoming a leader, you realize success is all about growing others.”

Attributed to Jack Welch, true leaders create leaders.  The mark of a great leader is the ability to enable and lead others to success.

Quote #3: “Every idea I have in isolation sounds like a good one.”

How many of us champion our own thoughts before involving the wise counsel of others?  I love that a core value of Credera’s is humility, and from a leadership perspective, the ability to be open to criticism is invaluable.  It sets the servant leaders apart from the authoritarian dictators.

Quote #4: “Two of us plus a whiteboard can solve almost any business problem.”

Statements like these are said with confidence because we believe in what we do.  We believe there is a difference between arrogance and confidence. We believe this statement falls into the confidence category. The need to flush out ideas and thoughts on a whiteboard is an incredibly helpful tool – such a fun exercise when working on something difficult with our clients.

Quote #5: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Attributed to the great Management Consultant Peter Drucker, this is an adage for all businesses. We believe the best way to “sell” something is to contribute value. I don’t have any friends who want to be “sold” something, but I have many friends who make good decisions and invest in value.

Quote #6: “You’ve got to have a ‘give first’ mentality.”

Credera is a company full of driven achievers who love to solve problems.  The best problem solvers don’t “sell.”  The best problem solvers…well…solve problems. It is so fun to be in a firm where we have the freedom to help our friends and clients solve very difficult problems. If they want to engage us great, if not, great. It all comes out in the wash.

Quote #7: “It matters who your friends are.”

Sometimes this is a tough one to hear, but it’s true.  In the same message, we heard “you can run around with jokers or you can run around with people who build you up and who you build up – not just in your career, but also in your marriage, in yourself…”  Not only in business, but with my family, I am reminded that I’m a leader to my boys whether I think of myself as one or not.  The question is, what kind of leader am I?

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