Nov 01, 2018

4 Success Factors to Effective Organizational Change

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

4 Success Factors to Effective Organizational Change

In today’s rapidly changing world, the leaders who make the most impact are those who have shown the ability to make successful change management a reality. As speaker and growth strategist Gene Hammett puts it, “A failure to change can more simply be explained as a failure to grow.” According to Hammett, the ability to effectively manage change is the primary indicator of company success—even more so than quarterly earnings, average employee tenure, or Net Promotor Scores.

In a recent, Inc. article, “The 1 Strategy That Separates Fast-Growing Businesses From Everyone Else,” Emily Crawford, senior consultant in Credera’s Management Consulting Practice, shares why it is critical for leaders to model the desired behavior of employees. They must be engaged and optimistic about future change.

“It means securing the needed time and money, but it also means actively displaying their own support of the change and their belief in the future state,” Crawford says in the Inc. article.

In addition to engaged executives, other important success factors to effective organizational change are:

  • A purpose-driven mission: When the end goal is tied to a larger purpose, the change becomes a source of strength and excitement, rather than an unnecessary stress.

  • An early-adopter culture: Leaders can develop a change-ready culture by strategically hiring individuals who are eager to try new things.

  • Personalized training processes: Many larger organizations find role-specific trainings much more effective when rolling out new change initiatives. It’s even better if continuing education and self-service avenues for learning are offered in addition to traditional training methods.

You can read the full article for more. If you’d like to learn more about Credera’s approach to change management, consider downloading the whitepaper, 5 Myths of Organizational Change & How to Overcome Them, or reach out to us at

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