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Getting started: Credera's checklist for driving CDP ROI and adoption

From strategy and planning to technical implementation, Credera helps companies realize value in the ever-changing MarTech landscape, including Customer Data Platforms or CDPs. Whether you have already purchased a CDP, are trying to get buy-in, or are just beginning your CDP journey, here are five things to keep in mind that will help drive ROI and adoption.

1) Begin with the end in mind.

Ensure cross-functional alignment on high-priority 1:1 marketing use cases to improve customer experiences and customer key performance indicators (KPIs).

2) Chart a detailed map.

Assemble a comprehensive inventory of available customer data feeds across first-party (known sources) and third-party (anonymous sources). Map data sources to high-priority use cases to understand which data sources should be onboarded first, next, and later.

3) Don't boil the ocean.

Align on a phased roadmap for onboarding customer data sources and activating new 1:1 marketing use cases. Target the initial phase towards foundational data sources and use cases that move the needle. It's important to build visible momentum to nurture buy-in and self-sustaining funding for future phases.

4) Keep score.

Have a solid baseline for current state customer KPI's (engagement rates, conversion rates). Have a plan in place to measure the impact of new 1:1 marketing use cases that are enabled by the CDP. Don't forget to communicate wins and progress to key stakeholders at regular intervals.

5) People matter most.

Data, technology, and use cases are important. But the most important aspect of a CDP program is the people. Ensure that key skills and resources are dedicated to the CDP initiative. Stand-up a cross-functional team to govern the business rules, prioritization, and issue resolutions that will arise. Don't forget to include change management in your roadmap.

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