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Credera Listens creates spaces to learn and grow by listening to diverse experiences, unique perspectives, and challenging questions.

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Credera’s mission is to make an extraordinary impact on our clients, colleagues, and our community. One of the best ways to create an extraordinary impact is by growing and changing through learning from other people’s experiences. A broader, well-informed perspective creates friends and colleagues who care more deeply, work together more seamlessly, and make a greater impact our communities. That’s what Credera is all about.

Beginning in May 2020 we all grappled with the topics of racism, allyship, anti-racism, and many others. Credera felt the need to enter into the conversation by hosting internal panel discussions on these topics. We purposefully titled these panels, “Credera Listens,” to set the stage for openness and empathy. We learned from executives from different organizations and from diverse backgrounds. They shared difficult experiences and raised challenging questions. As the panels continued, we had the feeling that these sessions could have value outside of the Credera family. We wanted to share them with our friends and clients. Our gracious panelists have allowed us to share the recordings of the panels in their entirety. We hope that they are as valuable to you as they were to us. May they bring healing, hope, and inspiration for action.

Credera Listens panels' rules of the road

  1. Understand this is a safe space to learn and grow

  2. Approach this panel with an open mind, knowing there are no fingers being pointed

  3. Be curious and listen to understand, not to respond

  4. Show respect and suspend judgment

  5. Recognize your own biases (openly or in the privacy of your heart)

  6. Be emotionally vulnerable and intellectually engaged

  7. Reflect what you are hearing during and after this discussion

Credera Listens sessions

Group 5Group 4Group 2Group 3CL 5Group 6Credera Listens Pride Month EditionExploring Hispanic Identity, Intersectionality, and Culture

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We are grateful to each person who has shared and will share their experiences and heart as part of the Credera Listens initiative. We hope their perspectives bring healing, hope, and inspiration for action. Credera is listening, and we hope you are as well. If you're interested in connecting on this topic, please feel free to contact us and a member of Credera's Diversity & Inclusion team will connect with you.