Telecom modernizes experiences, processes with AEM Cloud

Telecommunications company modernizes experience, processes with AEM Cloud

At a Glance

Shentel, a telecommunications company that provides internet and data services, partnered with Credera to modernize their outdated websites and migrate to an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Cloud platform. Our assessment found pain points across the current system's user experience, accessibility, and ease of use by the sales team. Our teams strategized and tailored a plan to migrate Shentel's current systems to Adobe Experience Manager. As a result, we created a scalable product catalog, adhered to accessibility standards, optimized user interface (UI) and code, and created a better shopping experience.

The Challenge

Modernizing outdated, unresponsive website platforms.

Shentel’s three websites were outdated and deprecated, and the company wanted to move them to an AEM Cloud platform. Concerns with their current websites included:

  • The existing sites lacked an engaging user experience, weren’t responsive, and didn’t adhere to accessibility standards.

  • The company needed online ordering and ecommerce capabilities. In the existing process, order details were sent to the sales team via email, and the sales team had to enter them manually into the customer relationship management tool.

The Solution

Migrating to a platform that provides scalability, accessibility, and a smooth user experience.

Credera partnered with Shentel to migrate their sites to AEM, address user experience challenges, and integrate legacy marketing systems with a new ecommerce platform.

The new sites featured:

  • An appealing and responsive UI

  • A smooth, rapid online ordering experience

  • A scalable product catalog

  • Adherence to accessibility standards

  • Optimized code repositories to support Adobe-recommended methodologies and multi-tenant architecture

Tools Implemented
  • AEM Cloud

  • Sonar Cube

  • Eclipse

  • Intellij

  • Visual Studio

  • Lighthouse

The Results

Enhanced user-experience, improved efficiency, and optimized performance.

As a result of our partnership, Shentel experienced:

  • Enhanced experience: Redesigned user interface encourages engagement and adheres to accessibility standards

  • Improved efficiency: New ecommerce platform supports a fast, seamless order process

  • Optimized performance: Modern architecture and methodologies boost speed and uptime

Erin McMurray

We very much appreciate the partnership. Each person on the team was a key factor in our success. This was a great working team, and I look forward to continuing to work with Credera.


Erin McMurrayProgram Manager Sr., ePMO

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