Singer Corporation

Improving sales by 25% with a modern ecommerce platform.

Singer Corporation worked with Credera to enhance the online commerce experience of their website.

At a Glance

Credera partnered with Singer Corporation, an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes consumer sewing machines and accessories around the world, to create a modern, user-friendly online commerce experience. In three months, we leveraged our proprietary CommerceFactory commerce solution to deploy a best-in-breed platform.  

The Challenge

A costly, underperforming commerce platform.

Singer Corporation is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes consumer sewing machines and accessories around the world. They wanted to enhance the online commerce experience of the website.  

The original website lacked an immersive industry-standard user experience and an efficient backend content management system (CMS). Additionally, Singer wanted to migrate its commerce site to an advanced MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) platform with high availability, scalability, and flexibility. 

Other concerns: 

  • A costly, underperforming, and unsupported legacy monolithic commerce platform  

  • Slow page loads 

  • Inability to integrate modern search techniques 

  • Complicated user experience for single-purchase registration  

  • Complex multisystem integration  

  • Low conversions due to high website and cart abandonment  

  • Customers could not transact via multiple devices and browsers  

  • Non-compliance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 

The Solution

A best-in-breed, MACH, enterprise-scaled commerce platform.

We deployed a complete ecommerce solution within three months, leveraging our proprietary CommerceFactory commerce solution. This ecommerce platform delivered an immersive user experience, high performance, and open integration standards. 

The new website offered: 

  • A best-in-breed, MACH, enterprise-scaled commerce platform built for contextual commerce with transactional capabilities across all channels 

  • Optimized website page load performance  

  • Modern online search  

  • Subscription screens and payment gateway content localized with local language, currency, and time elements 

  • Simplified user registration and quick guest-user checkout for one-time purchases 

  • Simpler and seamless integration with other systems for a unified buying experience 

  • Reduced number of clicks to reach a page or screen  

  • Mobile- and tablet-friendly website experience with personalized content on subscription, registration, and checkout pages 

  • WCAG compliance  

  • Improved content authoring experience 

  • A reliable and scalable cloud-hosting environment with a fast go-to-market 

  • Reduced maintenance cost and increased insights on site performance and security  

The Results

Increased conversions, higher revenue, and better engagement.

Through our partnership, Singer experienced: 

  • Increased conversions: Singer achieved higher cart values that resulted in a 25% sales lift year-over-year. 

  • Higher revenue: Improved website performance with promotional offers led to a 40% increase in sales during peak shopping days. 

  • Reduced cart abandonment: Seamless access to payment gateway significantly reduced cart abandonment. 

  • Boost in engagement: Enhanced user experience with multisystem integration increased customer engagement. 


Kevin Blanchard

I found the engagement to be highly collaborative, with Credera resources always putting their best partner-oriented foot forward. Of the 15-plus launches I’ve been part of during my career, this was one of the best!


Kevin BlanchardCIO, Singer Corporation

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