Bhavana Society

Media-rich, mobile-friendly site amplifies engagement by 20%

Media-rich, mobile-friendly site amplifies engagement by 120%.

At a Glance

Bhavana Society, a Buddhist non-profit organization, monastery, and meditation center, needed to give people seeking a spiritual journey seamless access to its digital content and processes. They faced high operating costs, lack of structure in the registration process, a hidden donation process, and an inflexible site. We enhanced the experience design, increasing page views and overall engagement, optimized the site for SEO to generate a 40% increase in traffic, and automated registration to reduce operational costs.

The Challenge

Providing a spiritual journey requires access to digital content.

To advance its vision of “a world that meditates,” Bhavana Society (a Buddhist non-profit organization, monastery and meditation center) needed to give people seeking a spiritual journey seamless access to its digital content and processes.

Specific concerns:

  • Lack of structure, authentication and verification in the event-registration process

  • Lack of flexibility with the number of events that could be hosted on the site 

  • High authoring and operational costs

  • Suboptimal mobile experience

  • Complex donation process that was hard to find


The Solution

Providing a stable, state-of-the-art website to take the company into the future.

We helped Bhavana Society reinvent its digital reach by designing a website with an experience that offers relevant and impactful content, seamless registration and donation processes, and smoother journeys for its administrators, volunteers and visitors.

The transformational elements delivered by our team included:

  • A scalable, flexible, future-ready event-management portal with dynamic features

  • Significant cost savings by reducing technical dependence on authoring content

  • Mobile-friendly website offering a consistent experience across devices

  • Integration of Bhavana Society’s Amazon wish list with the website, boosting donations

  • An immersive experience with vivid visuals through Drupal 8

  • SEO-optimized website leading to higher discoverability 

  • Easily managed and downloadable reports for increased visibility

Tools Implemented
  • Drupal 8

  • Acquia Solr Search

  • Acquia Cloud

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Maps

The Results

Soaring engagement, surging site traffic, and increasing conversions help advance Bhavana Society's mission.

As a result of our partnership, Bhavana Society experienced the following results:

Jump in pageviews

  • Enhanced experience design increased pageviews by 20% and overall engagement by 120%.

Surge in site traffic

  • SEO-optimized site led to 40% increase in traffic.

Rise in conversions

  • Compelling CTAs and user experience increased conversions by 7%.

Cost savings

  • Automating unique retreat and visitor registration process reduced operational costs.

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Credera provided us with a stable, state-of-the-art website that should serve us well into the future.


Bhante Henepola GunaratanaFounder and Abbot

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