Thames Water

Holistic data strategy enables Thames Water to drive efficiencies and customer insights

The Thames Water Authority engaged Credera to help develop Thames Water’s data strategy, encompassing all data capabilities to enable critical maturity and drive cost and efficiency savings.

At a Glance

The UK’s largest water utility company, Thames Water, wanted to leverage insights and analytics to drive efficiencies across serving customers, fixing water leaks, and improving engineering processes—all underpinned by data. Thames Water engaged Credera to design a data strategy and roadmap that would deliver real change, save costs, and improve customer experiences.  

The Challenge

Leveraging the existing, introducing the future!

The UK’s largest water utility company, Thames Water, were using a highly federated data operating model that led to siloed thinking and lack of engagement across the organization. The utility company engaged Credera to leverage existing data capabilities that lacked maturity—often duplicating processes, infrastructure, and applications. In addition, obsolete data security processes meant the Thames Water data scientists had to visit to extract data tables for use in analytics and insights.

The Solution

The journey from many siloes to one company

Within six weeks, Credera designed and delivered a data strategy and roadmap utilizing our frameworks and accelerators. Credera identified eight target state data capabilities within Thames Water where growth and maturity would deliver the biggest returns and have maximum impact. To support this effort Credera created end-user personas that showcased the cross-domain and capability requirements. This approach moved the client away from siloed thinking toward a bigger picture view of the organization, its different teams, and encouraged them to share data more freely between departments and teams to enable analytics. The data roadmap highlighted the priority actions for the next 12 months, key dependencies, and action owners, giving clear value statements and impact areas associated with each capability.

The Results

Delivering a clear plan to drive data success

Thames Water realized the value of collaborative data sharing across different teams, enabling data analytics and insights to drive better customer service. Furthermore, the team demonstrated the power and potential for introducing advanced cloud technologies to centralize data, ensuring it could be shared widely with data security controls built in. To support the design for central data storage, Credera redefined Thames Water’s data governance function to align and unify the process for enacting capabilities (such as data governance) to ensure consistency and accuracy across Thames Water. Credera worked alongside the client to present the data strategy to the Thames Water Board which was accepted and funded.

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