Global Health and Wellness Firm

Creating a promotions and commerce engine.

Credera partnered with a global health and wellness firm to design and deploy an omnichannel commerce platform to drive revenue in 12 global markets​.

At a Glance

A global health and wellness firm that offers health-conscious products and subscription-based services engaged Credera to develop and launch a commerce platform. The platform would serve all channels and markets across the organization and streamline their operations. Credera designed and executed the rollout strategy to ensure existing business teams would successfully adopt and effectively utilize the new platform and tooling. This effort resulted in an improved conversion rate and increased signup revenue by enabling tens of millions of monthly signups through decreased response times and increased site reliability.

The Challenge

Serving channels across 12 global markets.

A global health and wellness firm with $1.5 billion in annual revenue engaged Credera to develop and launch a commerce platform to serve all channels and markets across the organization and streamline their operations. Credera partnered with the firm to design and execute the rollout strategy to ensure existing business teams successfully adopted and effectively utilized the new platform and tooling.

The Solution

Deploying a global, omnichannel commerce engine.

Credera successfully developed and deployed a global, omnichannel commerce engine to 12 markets​. The development team implemented a canary deployment strategy via Optimizely to reduce risk and support a phased rollout​ and delivered highly available, scalable, REST-based microservice APIs on cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, Credera helped the global health and wellness firm to:  ​

  • Re-platform four legacy commerce systems into a single multi-tenant administrative tool.

  • Operationalize the solution by training users and documenting new features. ​

  • Integrate the solution into existing business processes by working with marketing, accounting, and internal audit teams. 

The Results

Enabling conversion and decreasing time-to-market.

Improved Conversion Rate and Signup Revenue​

Improved conversion rate and signup revenue by decreasing response times and increasing site reliability ​

Enabled Tens of Millions of Monthly Signups​

Leveraged on-demand cloud infrastructure to quickly scale services during peak traffic and enable tens of millions of monthly signups​

Decreased Time-to-Market for Products and Offers ​

Decreased offer setup time by allowing marketers to efficiently reuse offers over time with an automated approval workflow ​

Streamlined Offer Management via Global Tooling​

Streamlined offer management by enabling all offer setup steps to take place in a single admin interface instead of three separate systems​

Launched Operations in New Markets​

Reduced the effort needed to launch new markets by consolidating back-end services and streamlining business processes

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