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Credera Women’s Network

Credera Women’s Network (CWN) is our employee resource group that connects, empowers, and invests in the women of Credera.

CWN is also proud of our subgroup, Women in Engineering (WinE), whose specific focus is on women in tech roles or who have a shared interest in technology. WinE provides space to address the unique challenges of our female technologists and help them find a supportive professional and personal community.

Shelby Strodel
Mia Barone
Karen Ridges
Shelby Strodel
Mia Barone
Karen Ridges

Our Approach

The vision of CWN.

CWN exists to meet Credera women wherever they are in their career journey and season of life to provide a supportive community focused on education, development, and connection. Our vision is to continue to improve in each of CWN's four pillars: education, recruiting and retention, relationships, and career planning and growth.

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CWN hosts many events throughout the year across all Credera offices for CWN members, other Credera employees, and additional interested groups. Some events we’ve hosted include: International Women’s Day, an internal panel of Credera leaders, book clubs, and monthly lunch clubs.

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Relationship building and connection

Our hope is to provide opportunities for connection and relationship building (through informal and formal means) by emphasizing a safe and supportive community environment. We host CWN mentorship groups and reoccurring networking/social events in all of our offices.

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Recruiting and retention

In order to shape the future of Credera leadership and for, more broadly, women in technology, we support recruiting efforts to attract and retain talented women to the firm.

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Career planning and growth

We support ongoing career planning and leadership development activities, including bringing in external speakers and hosting workshops throughout the year.


Our strength is in our differences.

CWN’s mission is to build and promote a community within Credera focused on recruiting, developing, supporting, and connecting women with the ambition of seeing women thrive at Credera.

Over the years, Credera has worked to increase employee gender diversity by being strategic with our hiring approach as well as the types of activities and values we reward, and supporting women at Credera through CWN activities. We’ve found that when diversity of thought is present, perspectives are broadened and better outcomes are achieved both internally and for our clients.  

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I have an opportunity to really shape the future of our firm and to have a voice and a hand at building a path for the current and future women of our firm. That’s empowering, and I love that opportunity. I’m going to do everything in my power to do that well.
Seema Desai

Seema Desai