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CredColor is committed to leading the charge to foster an inclusive environment for Credera employees who are people of color, help accelerate each person’s growth, and drive awareness and change across Credera and local communities.

We focus on driving awareness, visibility, and inclusion opportunities for people of color within Credera, as well as engage with and create an impact outside of the office.

Bria Ford
Safwaan Rahman
Lu Truong
Kyler Starks
Bria Ford
Safwaan Rahman
Lu Truong
Kyler Starks

Our Approach

Grow within and across our unique cultures, ethnicities, and experiences.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of belonging and support for Credera team members of all underrepresented groups and provide tools to help them grow both personally and professionally.

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We strive to identify, develop, and listen to underrepresented talent and to promote workplace equality, awareness, support, advocacy, and inclusive policies across Credera.

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Through education, training, and mentoring, we empower our employees to be vocal and to seek leadership opportunities across different functions.

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We work toward building a more diverse team at Credera by engaging with underrepresented professional and student groups and by promoting our commitment to the guiding principles above.

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We encourage our members to be passionate about outreach, advocacy, and hands-on involvement in all locations where Credera has a presence.

Fostering impactful relationships.


Fostering impactful relationships.

CredColor prioritizes leadership growth opportunities, mentorship relationships, and development programs to invest in developing our Credera team members of color and ensure more diverse representation at senior levels over time. CredColor partners closely with nonprofits and the communities we work in to establish impactful relationships, serve those around us, and create meaningful change.

We also create and share content that centers cross-cultural topics, celebrate the successes of our CredColor teammates, and host events to honor important dates within our diverse set of ethnicities and cultures.


Creating an open, honest platform.

CredColor strives to provide opportunities to celebrate, learn from each other, and deepen relationships inside of CredColor, across Credera globally, and within our local communities. CredColor’s pillars of inclusion, leadership, community, and recruitment are grounded in sponsoring innovative, educational, and engaging events throughout the year.

We host culture days, networking events, and community service days, in addition to educational and inspirational panels and workshops focused on driving change and exploring intersectionality.

Creating an open, honest platform.
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Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion helps realize our mission of making an extraordinary impact on our clients, our colleagues, and our communities and demonstrates how we live out two of our core values: ‘people first’ and ‘tenacity.’
Nickoria Johnson

Nickoria Johnson

Chief Diversity Officer