AI/ML Implementations

AI/ML Lessons (Painfully) Learned in the Wild

AI/ML Day, Presented by Credera

Six Lessons Learned from Real-World AI/ML Implementation

  1. Take a Design-First Approach (or Human-Centered Design as Google says)

  2. Use the K.I.S.S. Principle

  3. Know the Limitations of Your Data

  4. There's More Engineering in an AI/ML Solutions than AI or ML

  5. You Can't Decompose Modeling Problems Like Software Domains

  6. Data Scientists Don't Know How Much Things Cost

About the Presenters:

Jason Goth
Jason Goth

Jason Goth, Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Jason is the Chief Technology Officer at Credera, based in our Dallas office. Jason joined the Credera leadership team in 2014. Jason has over 25 years of experience in technology consulting and software system design with a focus on architecture and technology strategy. Jason has worked with leading companies including American Airlines, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, J.B. Hunt, Hilton, Southwest Airlines, and Verizon to drive digital transformation and adoption. Jason attended Georgia Tech and majored in Physics.

Connect with Jason on LinkedIn here.

Vincent Yates
Vincent Yates

Vincent Yates, Partner & Chief Data Scientist

Vincent is Chief Data Scientist and a Partner in our Dallas office. Vincent joined the Credera leadership team in 2019. Prior to joining Credera, Vincent worked as Chief Data Scientist for GE, served as Director of Analytics Engineering for Zillow Group, and was Head of Data Science at Uber. He has also led teams at Microsoft and Yammer focused on Office Analytics. Vincent got his start in data science after a Ph.D. program in Statistics at U.C. Berkeley. He is passionate about education and loves learning how new parts of a business work.

Connect with Vincent on LinkedIn here.

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