Nov 01, 2022

The Credera Difference: NRG’s Story

Credera Team

Credera Team

The Credera Difference: NRG’s Story

Consulting is more than building better businesses and meeting client needs; it's about solving the world’s biggest problems to create a better future. At Credera, this means living out our global, boutique approach by partnering with our clients to create deep relationships that generate extraordinary results. It means working through change, innovating the future, and creating lasting impact.

But what does it actually feel like to work with Credera? Finding a capable consulting partner isn’t the challenge. Finding a consulting partner you trust and enjoy working with is the real challenge.

So what makes Credera different?

We asked our clients to answer that question. Here’s what NRG has to say about why Credera is a partner they trust and what we achieved together.

A Challenge Shared: NRG’s Story

NRG is a Fortune 200 integrated energy and services company with over 6,500 employees. They provide electricity, gas, and home and business services to over 6 million North American customers.

As NRG pivoted from an independent power producer to a consumer services company focused on selling energy and home solutions, they knew they needed a partner to help them with the transformation.  

In February 2017, Credera responded to an RFP for design work on NRG’s B2B post-sale portal. The partnership started small, with a team of three Credera employees working on the project. By building trust through quality delivery, that small start eventually led to over five years of partnership on a number of key digital transformation projects.  

We are now NRG’s go-to partner for digital journey enablement and program leadership across their Business, Home, and Services organizations. We provide strategy and implementation support on key end-to-end digital journey initiatives, from pre-sale marketing to post-sale experience, using best-of-breed cloud, data, and MarTech technologies.

The Credera Difference, in NRG’s Words

After five years of ongoing partnership, here’s what Kim Hales had to say about the Credera difference:

“[Credera] has been a seamless extension of our team for a very long time. We’ve tried a number of firms in this area and frankly others aren’t able to deliver the quality at the value we get working with Credera. We absolutely wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

Watch the full interview:

The Credera Difference, in Credera’s Words

Credera is a global boutique. This means you have access to a global wealth of expertise with the personalized approach you’d expect from a local partner.

From initial vision through execution, we help clients make a measurable impact while forging incredible and authentic relationships.

Here’s what that means to us:

  1. Global Scale, Boutique Experience - We offer the experience, expertise, and geographic reach of a global organization, but with the hands-on and focused approach of a boutique firm. This means we craft each solution to the unique and critical needs of each client we serve.

  2. Measurable Impact - Actions are stronger than words. Our current clients rated Credera a 9.2 out of 10 on likelihood to recommend us to a friend and 100% of client survey responses rated our outputs as high (30%) or very high (70%) quality. That means we’re delivering real results that make an impact for the long run.

  3. Authentic Relationships - Incredible impact and authentic relationships come from doing the real work together. The magic happens when we ask the right questions, don’t assume anything, and understand what unique people and sectors need, want, and what truly matters to them at the end of the day.

  4. Vision Through Execution - Working with a consulting firm should be simple, comprehensive, and move at warp speed. With efficient transition, immediate momentum, and quick results, our creative, growth-focused team knows what it takes to go fast and make an impact from idea through execution.

Interested in Partnering With Credera?

As the saying goes, a challenge shared is a challenge halved. Better to half it with a partner you trust and enjoy.

Credera offers the experience, expertise, and geographic reach of a global organization, with the culture and client partnerships of a boutique firm. We maintain a people-first mentality and a work environment deeply rooted in our core values.

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