Apr 05, 2023

Technology Tangents | Speed or quality? What are you optimising your platform for?

Vincent Yates

Vincent Yates

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Credera is excited to announce the release of our first full Technology Tangents podcast episode: "Speed or quality? What are you optimising your platform for?"

In Technology Tangents, Credera's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer bring leaders together to discuss the modern technologies of today and how organisations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

The discussions are fun, lighthearted, and frankly opinionated, but hopefully it gives technology leaders a sense of what matters, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

This podcast is available on iTunesSpotify, and Anchor FM.

Listen now.

On this episode 

What is your organisation optimising your platform for?

Whilst many organisations optimise for speed or quality, they may be missing a crucial third option: optimising for the developer experience.

In this episode of Technology Tangents, we are joined by special guest Michael Nygard. Michael is a seasoned technology leader who has worked for several global, Fortune 500 companies. He's also the award-winning, best-selling author of “Release It!” and “Release It! Second Edition”.

While the conversation began with a focus on the need to radically simplify environments and the unintended consequences of how we build modern architectures, it shifted to a discussion on the importance of creating a seamless developer experience to drive business value and competitiveness.

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