Feb 16, 2021

Looking to step up your Salesforce CPQ game? Here’s where to start!

Jon Maynard

Jon Maynard

Looking to step up your Salesforce CPQ game? Here’s where to start!

Once you’ve read our beginner’s guide to CPQ, you’ll want to look into practically getting started. There was a time when it wasn’t that easy to get good resources to learn CPQ but now it’s starting to reach the levels of the core clouds of Sales and Service.

One of our lead consultants, Jon Maynard has summarised his recommendations for upskilling in this important Salesforce software. 

SFDC Revenue Cloud Linkedin page

The SFDC Revenue Cloud LinkedIn page is a good page to follow when you’re just getting started. It gives you a high-level overview of key features, new functionality, and some real-world examples of how CPQ is helping customers. This is a great page to follow and one I check regularly. 


Trailhead is the first stop for anyone wanting to learn about any aspect of Salesforce and get hands on. There are loads of great CPQ courses on here now. You can start from the very beginning with Salesforce CPQ Basics. Then move on to some of the core CPQ functionality such as Contract Amendments with Salesforce CPQ and Discounting Tools in Salesforce CPQ. Finally you can learn about other areas of Salesforce Revenue Cloud, such as Billing with Advanced Billing Specialist.

Formal SFDC CPQ training

If you’re looking for slightly more formal training and can block out full chunks of time in your diary, think about a longer course. Salesforce offers complete CPQ courses which are great if you want to cover all of the product in one go. Try out: 

SFDC Community

Now you’re starting to get to know the product you’ll have questions and be wondering how things could/should work. The Salesforce Revenue Cloud Community Group is the place to go to ask. Share and learn from others who are already practising CPQ at all levels.


By now you should have some solid theory and some hands on experience of using CPQ. So why not try the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist certification? Then you can really see if you know your Summary Variables from your Twin fields!

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