Nov 02, 2022

Podcast: The value behind employee engagement

Matthew Greenhalgh

Matthew Greenhalgh

Podcast: The value behind employee engagement

Credera is excited to announce the release of our latest podcast: 'The value behind employee engagement'.

This podcast, which is available on  iTunesSpotify, Google, and Anchor FM, brings together some of the brightest sparks in technology and transformation consulting to wax lyrical on current trends and challenges facing organisations today.

On this episode

The past couple of years have seen a a dramatic shift in ways of working, with an increasing number of companies now offering flexible work-from-home arrangements. With this change, the need to evaluate and prioritise employee engagement has never been more pressing.

In this episode, Credera’s HR representatives Warsame Iman and Betsy Scantlan discuss the importance of developing and sustaining employee engagement in the workplace. Reflecting on recent years gone by, they also explain how Credera has adapted to maintain its diverse and inclusive culture in times of change.

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