Jan 13, 2022

National Hobby Month: How Credera enables its people to pursue their passions

Cara Bills

Cara Bills

National Hobby Month: How Credera enables its people to pursue their passions

January is National Hobby Month – a month-long celebration of personal hobbies and a time to pursue new and unexplored interests. To mark the occasion, we asked members of our social clubs how Credera enables them to pursue their own passions.

At Credera, we offer a wide variety of self-managed clubs and activities for our employees to engage in. From running to photography, and gaming to tennis and book club, each of our clubs have been established by individuals within the firm based on their own interests and a wish to connect with other like-minded individuals.

We believe that our clubs are in many ways uniquely reflective of our company culture – they are all about celebrating individuality, connectedness, and building a sense of community.

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Our connected culture

To better understand what it means to be a member of a social club at Credera, we asked some of our members to share their experiences:

"The Credera Run Club provides a supportive and motivational environment for developing your running, whatever your level of fitness. It's not just about the weekly morning runs, which are a great chance to catch up with colleagues and spot some spectacular sunrises, but also a provides a network to find out about races and to assemble teams to go with!"

- Kim Warren, Managing Consultant

run club

"We love our social events and clubs at Credera because they give us the opportunity to create a strong community within the company. The various social clubs (Football, Ski, Gaming) have given me the opportunity and encouragement to try new things."

- Lettie Sturley, Senior Operations Manager

“I absolutely love being part of our Yoga club – meeting with colleagues over Teams and trying a new yoga routine has been a really refreshing way to start work! Although my flexibility is certainly work in progress, I’ve developed a new hobby and friendships along the way.”

- Kelly Jackson, Managing Consultant

“The Credera Football club has helped me to revive my interest in playing 5-a-side football, which I'd lost over the preceding years. Through the Credera Football club I'm able to play at least one game per month, keep in contact with friends and stay active!”

- Dimitris Koupas, Finance Assistant

Book club

“I used to read all the time, but then I became an adult and life got in the way! Being a member of Book Club has helped me reconnect with this passion and kept me accountable to reading at least a book a month.”

- Katherine Hockley, Marketing Manager

“I’ve been playing fantasy football for a long time but have never been in a league where I know the people I’m playing against. It’s been a lot of fun sharing tactics, seeing how many points people score each game week, and having a good chat the week after - even if I have been trying to claw back points after forgetting a midweek deadline! The league brings people together from all parts of the company so it's a really good way to get to know people I wouldn't ordinarily speak to.”

- Hamad Ali, Engineer

Putting diversity and inclusion at the forefront of everything that we do, our clubs welcome members of all different abilities, and we actively encourage people to propose new ideas for clubs where they identify any gaps in our existing club catalogue.

We look forward to hosting and supporting a variety of new social events in the year ahead.

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