Sep 13, 2021

Meet our intern: Walid Amine

Walid Amine

Walid Amine

Meet our intern: Walid Amine

In August 2021, we welcomed our first cohort of interns to Credera's UK offices. We caught up with intern Walid Amine to learn about his experience of working with us.

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Walid Amine


Tell us a little bit about your background. What were you doing before starting your internship with Credera?

Before starting my internship with Credera, I was studying Geography with Business Management at Queen Mary University of London. I had just completed my second year at university and I am now preparing to enter my final year.

What made you decide to apply for an internship with Credera?

I decided to apply for an internship at Credera because someone I know worked at Credera and they had talked about the great environment and friendly culture of the firm. This made me particularly keen to apply because not every company provides a similar working environment and this can be less appealing for interns or new employees.

What most excites you about your internship with us?

The most exciting aspect of interning at Credera has been learning what consulting is all about. As I hadn’t had any previous exposure to consulting, I came into the six-week internship eager to expand my understanding of the consulting industry and what it is that Credera does.

I was also keen to gain work experience within the industry and contribute to something significant. I was excited to expand my network and meet interesting people whilst learning how Crederians started out in their careers and how they gained their own experience within the industry.

What do you think was your most significant accomplishment whilst working at Credera?

While interning with Credera, I worked within Events Operations, Sales Operations, and Delivery. During each rotation, I helped to add value to the projects that I worked on.

Within Events, I researched venues for Credera’s upcoming Strategy Day events, where members of the firm come together to discuss progress against business targets and meet with colleagues.

Within Sales Operations, I built a SharePoint website around a 60-page PowerPoint deck, taking into consideration the user groups, the design, and the layout of the webpages as well as the structure of the website. Whilst working in Delivery alongside another intern, I reformatted a guide in PowerPoint and then designed and built a SharePoint webpage around the guide. Throughout my internship, I have always been working on something that would provide value for Credera now and in the future.

What are your goals for the future?

Once I have completed my final year at university, my goal is to gain experience in a client-facing role where I hope to be able to bring something new to a team.

In your own words, how would you describe Credera’s culture?

The culture at Credera is welcoming, caring, and fun. Everyone within the company is happy to help with any questions that may arise, and people are eager to share their knowledge and listen to your ideas and suggestions. Crederians are very people-focussed and genuinely value their colleagues.

How would you describe your overall experience of interning with Credera?

My overall experience at Credera has been incredibly insightful and enjoyable. My highlights have included having lunch with the Board, shadowing the Chief Delivery Officer in client meetings, building a website, meeting lots of really interesting people, and learning a great deal about the consulting industry.

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