Sep 30, 2021

Meet James Willans

James Willans

James Willans

Meet James Willans

We asked Director James Willans why he chose to join Credera to further his technical career.

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James Willans


What were you doing before joining Credera?

I was CTO for a company who deliver technology products to pharmaceutical organisations to support their drug discovery process. They use an interesting mix of technologies including machine learning, and I led a transformation strategy that included greater integration between products and making them available as SaaS via cloud. Before that, I spent five years in different architecture leadership roles for HSBC, including leading the architecture for the digital platform that underpins much of what the global retail bank does today. My early career was spent helping to grow start-up technology companies, and in the dim and distant past, I supported the shaping of software standards within the Object Management Group (OMG).

What attracted you to Credera?

I found myself at a juncture when I left my last role. I was interested in consultancy, but I had no prior experience working in a consulting firm, although I had successfully brought consultants into previous organisations. An ex-HSBC colleague, who I respect hugely, was working at Credera and the avocational conversations lit the torch paper for me! The interview process really cemented my appetite for joining. My overarching sense was that Credera was an organisation that shared my values, and I was (and continue to be), hugely impressed by everyone I have met.

What’s an average day at Credera for you?

Every day is different! I spend a lot of time on client work either delivering outcomes directly for clients or supporting teams in doing the same. This might involve conversations with stakeholders either to understand their outcomes and context, or to replay thinking that we have developed in response to their needs. I spend some of the day thinking about clients’ challenges, assimilating their feedback, talking to colleagues to get insight, and consolidating a way forward. I also lead Credera’s Architecture Practice, ensuring that we are bringing the right people into client environments to support their outcomes.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera?

I would have to name two things here. Firstly, working in an environment that has a strong sense of shared purpose to deliver outstanding results. Secondly, working with people that continuously challenge my thinking – a day does not go by when I don’t learn from my colleagues.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Undoubtedly delivering a piece of work that delights our clients, and genuinely helps them achieve their outcomes, is a great feeling. At the same time, I also get a lot of energy working with other people as part of a creative process. These sessions can be immensely rewarding and demonstrate to me time and time again the power of collective minds!

What advice would you give recent hires?

Credera is an environment where you can be the best “you” - embrace your talents and make Credera even more special. Build as many relationships as you can with other in-credera-bles and, most importantly, enjoy yourself and always be creative!

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