Nov 12, 2021

Meet James Breeze

James Breeze

James Breeze

Meet James Breeze

We asked Managing Consultant James Breeze why he chose to join us to further his consulting career.

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James Breeze

Managing Consultant

What were you doing before joining Credera?

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in various sales and marketing roles across manufacturing, telecoms, and financial services. My focus over the last 10 years has been data-driven marketing, focusing particularly on high volume, high frequency, personalised, multichannel customer communications across B2B and B2C organisations.

I have had the opportunity to specialise in cutting-edge CRM, customer comms and digital, as well as MarTech best practice. I’ve gained experience managing the use and development of various marketing technologies including Teradata, Oracle, Unica, Pega, Adobe, Infor, IMI Mobile, and HTK IVR capabilities for customer comms.

I am also a board trustee of Heart Research UK (HRUK), which is a fantastic charity that invests in life-saving medical research into the prevention, treatment, and cure of heart disease.

What attracted you to Credera?

After working on client side for most of my career, I had been considering consulting to gain wider industry experience and continue to develop my modern marketing transformation techniques. Credera has a great reputation as experts in marketing technology so it was on my radar as a place that I’d be keen to work at. This was re-enforced when an ex-colleague of mine who had recently joined Credera personally recommended them as a great place to work.

Another thing that attracted me to the company was the fact that Credera is part of the Omnicom Group, which presented a great opportunity to work with some fantastic blue-chip businesses.

What’s an average day at Credera for you?

I don’t think there has been any one typical day, week, or month so far - and that’s the way I like it! When I first joined Credera, the focus was very much on establishing the MarTech practice in the UK and raising its profile. This involved writing whitepapers, recording webinars, and delivering a presentation on marketing technology at Leeds Digital Festival.

I also had the chance to complete some training in SAFe Agile Leader and Martech Alliance Essentials of MarTech.

More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with our US colleagues in the Texas offices on some exciting client engagements. This has been simultaneously challenging, engaging, and interesting.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera?

Two things spring immediately to mind. Firstly, everybody is extremely friendly and welcoming and a real expert in their field. This creates the best kind of team environment where everyone is doing all that they can to succeed for each other as well as for the client. Secondly, there is a real emphasis on both personal and professional development. That willingness to push and challenge all aspects of the status quo is amazingly positive and energising.

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer?

Very much linked to my point above, I would say that it is the personal budget for training and development that we are given. This allows us to not only improve ourselves but also contribute to the success of the business.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

There are many things that I enjoy about my role but at the top of the list would be how engaging and challenging the projects that we work on are. I have had the opportunity to work alongside talented and passionate US colleague and with exciting and dynamic clients.

What advice would you give recent hires?

Credera is full of talented people. Get yourself involved in events and initiatives across the business to help you grow your internal network. You’ll meet interesting, engaging people who will be invaluable to you as you develop your role.

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