Nov 08, 2023

Introducing the AI Global Council: Alisa Miller

Conner Gregory

Conner Gregory

Introducing the AI Global Council: Alisa Miller

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world at warp speed. Impacts are felt in business, education, government, and everything in between. That’s why the AI Global Council was formed. This group of leaders from varied backgrounds and experiences has united to think through the implications of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics.

Each AI Global Council member brings a unique and necessary point of view to the conversation. Today, we’re introducing Alisa Miller, CEO and co-founder of Pluralytics.

Alisa’s one thing on AI

We asked each of the AI Global Council board members to share one piece of advice in the AI space. Alisa’s advice to people looking to enter the AI space is to pilot and learn by doing.

“It’s important in this environment to look for opportunities as leaders with our organizations to test and understand how large language models and natural language generation works by doing. It’s from those pilots and smaller experiences and experiments that you can gain the information to help you make bigger decisions.”

A little about Alisa

In 2020, Alisa co-founded Pluralytics, the groundbreaking, AI-powered precision language intelligence and generation platform. Her company provides enterprise software that uses natural language processing, behavioral and data science, and language generation to help digital products, leaders, and brands communicate more effectively through the power of every word they choose.

Alisa was previously the CEO of PRI from 2016-2018, becoming the first woman and youngest CEO to head a major public radio effort. She also is currently chair of the Lumina Foundation board, a top U.S. foundation dedicated to post-high school education attainment for people to live better lives.

Explore more about the AI Global Council

The AI Global Council is focused on taking amorphous and challenging topics and sharing a balanced and holistic perspective that can move everyone forward.

To explore more about the AI Global Council, follow along on LinkedIn or reach out at

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